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post image More controversy during appointments to IPAB: Delhi HC rules against DIPP from

Image from here.In a decision dated 3rd October, 2012 the Delhi High Court in a judgment by Justice Suresh Kait has ordered the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) to forward to the Appointment ...

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Amici File Briefs Supporting Certiorari in K-Dur Case from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Joining the parties and amici with clear interests in resolving the circuit split created by the Third Circuit opinion in the K-Dur case (In re K-Dur Antitrust Litigation), two "public interest ...

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Open Innovation is the Answer for the U.S. Economy from

Innovation and how to foster next generation technologies is a topic of very active discussion within businesses across the country. But how can America continue to be one of the most innovative countries in the ...

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Best logos: 2012 MLB Playoff edition – American League from

Now that the Wild Card games are complete, Eight teams remain with a chance to end the 2012 Major League Baseball season as World Series champions. Of the 4 American League teams, who has the ...

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CAFC Reverses Inequitable Conduct Finding: Outside The Box Innovations v. Travel Caddy from

The Federal Circuit recently reversed the Northern District of Georgia’s judgment of unenforceability based on inequitable conduct, in Outside The Box Innovations, LLC v. Travel Caddy, Inc. Other aspects of the decision are outside ...

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Bpai definition date time filing from

Does the BPAI require a definition from the time of filing?

If you read this blog regularly, you'll know that claim construction is often the dispositive issue on appeal. Claim construction arguments are, in ...

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Federal Circuit To Announce Whether Software is Patentable?: En Banc Rehearing on Section 101 Issues from

The Federal Circuit has refocused its attention on the question of patentable subject matter and has ordered an en banc rehearing of CLS Bank Int'l. v. Alice Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2012). In its initial ...

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Top 10 New IP Paper Downloads from

Here's an updated list of the most downloaded IP papers that were posted on SSRN in the past 60 days:
  1. Startups and Patent Trolls, by Colleen Chien (also see her "Ten Ways Startups Can ...

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The Race for the Next Innovative Visionary from

Entrepreneurs create ideas that turn into worldwide sell-out products.  Whichever country has the talent to conceive of these products will have a thriving economy.  For these reasons, various governments are developing programs to attract entrepreneurial ...

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The interface of "incorporation by reference" and Johnson & Johnston's dedication rule from

The CAFC criticized in Sandisk v. Kingstona district court decision:

The court also emphasized this use of “the” and “said” in concluding that “the claim leaves no doubt that it covers a method involv- ...

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WIPO Assemblies Agree to Roadmaps for New IP Agreements from

The WIPO Assemblies, which met from October 1-9, 2012, took stock of the Organization’s substantive work over the last year, and provided direction for the future work program. At the closing of the Assemblies ...

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Japanese Scientists Crack Eggs-From-Stem-Cells Puzzle from

Japanese scientists report they have, for the first time, grown mammalian eggs from stem cells and that these artificially created eggs were used to produce healthy offsprings. This advancement is being called the beginning of ...

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FTC Submits Amicus Brief Explaining that Drug Companies Use “No-Authorized Generic” Agreements to Delay Generic Competition from

In a “no-AG” agreement, the branded firm, as part of the patent litigation settlement, agrees that it will not launch its own generic alternative when the first generic begins to compete. Since the introduction of ...

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Bowman v. Monsanto: An Important Case for Agricultural Biotechnology from

The Supreme Court recently granted certiorari in Bowman v. Monsanto, an important case for agricultural biotechnology. If the Supreme Court decides to overrule the Federal Circuit's decision in favor of Monsanto, it could seriously ...

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Another element in Apple's success from

As I have written before, there are multiple keys to Apple's success. Beyond cool technology, attention to design and a focus on the customer experience are two of the most prominent. But, as a ...

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Supreme Court to Review Patent Cases from

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear appeals in two patent cases during the October 2012 term. Bowman v. Monsanto Co. This case concerns the doctrine of patent exhaustion where a patent owner is only ...

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GI Protection Gets Boost In BRICs; Common Definition Needed For International Debates from

The protection of geographical indications at the international level is a brainteaser which translates into lack of progress in several fora, to the dismay of geographical indications proponents, according to speakers at an event last ...

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Big Bird vs. Jobs (the high-paying kind) from

The CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) receives $445M a year in federal taxpayer money.  While this representing only 12% of CPB, it is still real money that arguably could make a HUGE difference in job ...

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CAS News: Numeric Search Property on More STN Databases, and New SciFinder Updates from

The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, is an authority on chemical information that produces a number of databases (such as CAS REGISTRY, CAplus, CASREACT, CHEMCATS, CHEMLIST, CIN, and MARPAT ...

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Making Software Patents Transparent and Understandable: Begin by Determining Whether Software is Patentable from

By Dennis Crouch One major problem with software patents is their forced lack of transparency. The USPTO has granted hundreds of thousands of patents that should rightfully be termed "software patents," but almost none of ...

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