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post image Google's Motorola shows pirated Katy Perry video to prove value of its H.264 patents from

In the build-up to next month's FRAND contract trial in Seattle, Microsoft and wholly-owned Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility have brought motions in limine (motions to exclude testimony), which have significant overlaps with the parties ...

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post image Example of competitive intelligence using the trademark register from

A lot of information can be gleamed from the trademark filings at the USPTO.  Here is a recent example of competitive intelligence discovered from the register: McDonald’s Eyeing Retail Coffee Market? (via Burger Business ...

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post image USPTO and EPO Release Advance Version of CPC System from

Last Monday, the USPTO and the EPO announced that they had released an advance version of their Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) System. The system, which was initiated in October 2010, has an official launch date ...

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post image Patents: Monopoly or Property Right a Testable Hypothesis from

It is common for people and economists to state that patents are a monopoly.  Because patents are a monopoly, it is argued that they negatively affect the pace of innovation and slow down the diffusion ...

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The Removal of Section 102(f)’s Inventorship Requirement; the Narrowness of Derivation Proceedings; and the Rise of 101’s Invention Requirement from

By Dennis Crouch (October 5, 2012) In a prior Patently-O essay, I wrote that the removal of the inventorship requirement of Section 102(f) opens the door to patenting obvious variants of inventions created by ...

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Patent Litigation Treatise Update from

Yes, this may be appropriately characterized as coming from the shameless commerce division, but at least some will probably want to know that the PLI Patent Litigation treatise has been recently refreshed to include some ...

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At WHO, Pharma Suggests Payment Plan For Influenza Virus Use from

The World Health Organization advisory group on pandemic influenza preparedness met with pharmaceutical industry representatives, civil society members, and other stakeholders last week to move toward a recommendation on a partnership contribution formula to determine ...

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3 New Intellectual Property Members for McDonald Hopkins from

McDonald Hopkins LLC, a law firm with offices in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Miami, and West Palm Beach, just announced the election of three new intellectual property attorneys to the firm's membership. The intellectual ...

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Yamanaka shares 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine from

Shinya Yamanaka, 50, of Kyoto University in Japan shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine with John Gurdon, for the discovery of ways to create tissue that would act like embryonic cells, without the need to ...

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Google's Motorola Mobility pulls most devices from German market after patent rulings from

The company that Google bought for $12.5 billion to protect Android from patent threats cannot even protect itself.

Areamobile, a high-quality German news website focused on wireless communications devices, reports today (in an article ...

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Yaron Brook, Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, Speaking at PPEC from

Yaron Brook will be speaking at the Pikes Peak Economic Club on Tuesday, October 9, 2012.  For more information click here.  Mr. Brook will be discussing his book Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s ...

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No Deal For Now On WIPO Design Treaty, Patent Law Work Plan from

Members of the World Intellectual Property Organization this week could not agree on a work plan for the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP), leading to a likely postponement of the next ...

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Appellant Sell gets victory at BPAI from

The BPAI, in part, reversed the Examiner in the case Ex parte JONATHAN C. SELL.

Of law:

“[U]nless a prior art reference discloses within the four corners of the document not only all of ...

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In re Best cited in BPAI decision in Ex parte Berti from

From Ex parte Berti

Applicant seems to argue that the processes are not identical, it appearing that applicant believes there are “missing features” in the Kasehagen article. Brief, page 5. Unfortunately, applicant has not favored ...

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Behold, the Monkey – When Painting Restoration Goes Viral from

While “going viral” is a phrase more likely to used in reference to musicians such as PSY (of “Gangnam Style” fame), a painting  has received world-wide notoriety due to a bungled restoration job at the ...

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Broad claims pose enablement issues from

Law on enablement requirement A patent specification must enable one of ordinary skill in the art to make and use the full scope of the claimed invention without undue experimentation under 35 USC 112, first ...

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