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post image ICANN set to change the topography of the internet from

Mr Arun Mohan had written a guest post for us back in 2011 when ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced they would liberalise the gTLD system. I am writing this post is ...

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post image A Glass and a Half full of Purple Joy: Cadbury wins Trademark Battle against Nestle from

(Image from here)

While the “Glass and a half full of joy” catchphrase is no longer being sported by Cadbury, the followers of Spicy IP, who have a sweet tooth, must be aware of the ...

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post image Call for Papers: Christ University, Law Journal from

With great pleasure, The Journals and Publications Society, School of Law, Christ University, invites contributions on contemporary issues of law from legal professionals, activists, academics and students for the second issue of its biannual peer-reviewed ...

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Region Codes and the Territorial Mess from

Intellectual property rights are territorial by nature. Copyright holders cannot yet obtain unitary protection throughout the world. Instead, they obtain rights in Australia, Brazil, China, France, South Africa, and the United States. What type of ...

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The CodeX Experience: Life as a Visiting Researcher at Stanford from

With the start of the new season, the IP Intensive program is in full swing. Osgoode students Nancy Situ and Maximilian Paterson are currently at Stanford Law School as Visiting Researchers assigned to CodeX: The ...

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Copyright walkabout from

I am present IPSANZ annual copyright update for 2012: in Brisbane at Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s offices on 9 October; and in Melbourne at the RACV Club on 18 October. Details via the links above ...

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Federal Circuit Upholds Board Determination That Biotechnology Invention Was Obvious from

In In re Droge, the Federal Circuit upheld the decision of the USPTO Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences that found that claims directed to recombinant biotechnology methods were obvious. At 8 pages, the decision ...

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Apple urges court to move ahead with at least 6 of 32 patents waiting for HTC in Delaware from

31 months ago to the day, Apple started its patent enforcement effort against Android, which has already been quite successful and is enjoying significant momentum, by suing HTC. But the headway that Apple made was ...

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MSF Launches Patent Opposition Database from

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors without Borders) today announced the launch of the “Patent Opposition Database,” an online resource to help patient groups or others to oppose wrongful patent applications as a way to ensure ...

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Common Ownership Required to Maintain Enforceability of Patent Subject to Terminal Disclaimer Means Ownership by Same Entity, not Same Corporate Family from

The court granted defendants' motion to dismiss plaintiff's infringement claim for failure to state a claim because the asserted patent had been the subject of a terminal disclaimer but plaintiff did not own the ...

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Middle income jobs and skill building from

Jaison Abel and Richard Deitz of the New York Fed have released a new study on middle-skill jobs ("Job Polarization and Rising Inequality in the Nation and the New York-Northern New Jersey Region"). (See also ...

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Protecting Fashion Designs: the Innovative Design Protection Act of 2012 from

Just as design patents for smart phones and yoga pants are recently making headlines, the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a bill, S. 3523, entitled the Innovative Design Protection Act of 2012, which would extend ...

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Google's Motorola Mobility withdraws its entire second ITC complaint against Apple from

In one of the most surprising developments in the ongoing smartphone patent disputes, Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility has just withdrawn its second ITC complaint against Apple. The complaint was filed in mid-AugustY (a week ...

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AOP Clash: Innovation Takes Over Reality TV from

This past Sunday, The Sun, an online UK newspaper, announced that TV producer Simon Cowell and rapper have met to discuss the potential for a new reality TV show called “X Factor ...

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Commerce Department Announces Partnership with Cornell NYC Tech to Help Entrepreneurs Innovate, Grow, and Create Jobs from

Acting Secretary Blank announced that for the first time, the resources of a U.S. government agency and a major research institution will join forces to give students and researchers at Cornell’s New York ...

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Fairfield - Avatar Experimentation from

How can virtual world researchers minimize the effects of their research on study populations?   Messages, apps, and notifications retrieved by hand held devices have amalgamated the real world and virtual world.   As the line distinguishing ...

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Inter Partes Reexaminations: USPTO Can Only Consider References from the Request that Were Found to Raise a Substantial Question of Patentability from

By Dennis Crouch Belkin v. Kappos (Fed. Cir. 2012) (Appeal of Inter Partes Reexam No. 95/001,089) OptimumPath's U.S. Patent No. 7,035,281 broadly covers a wireless router with onboard authentication ...

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Fee Schedule Change from

A new fee schedule is set to begin October 5, 2012 that raises patent fees.  The fee increase is allegedly to account for inflation and will thus minimally raise fees between 0-3%.  However, it should ...

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New Features in Thomson Innovation Reflected in Revised Report from

We recently profiled the new non-patent literature search options that were released on Thomson Innovation in August, and now the full Thomson Innovation System Report on Intellogist has been fully reviewed and updated!  Thomson Innovation ...

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Why I Quit the AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association) from

I received a survey from AIPLA asking my opinion of the organization, but clearly the designers of the survey were not interest in real feedback.  As a result, I will provide it in this blog ...

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Different structure and function from nature required to be eligible for patent protection from

Introduction The AMP v. Myriad opinion discusses eligibility of patent protection for genes. Although the opinion is directed to eligibility of patent protection for genes, this opinion is also applicable in understanding how the Federal ...

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