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post image Samsung gets Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban lifted, files infringement contentions against iPhone 5 from

[DEVELOPING STORY, still adding detail, please check back later]

At close of business on Monday, Judge Lucy Koh granted Samsung's request to dissolve the preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1, following a ...

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post image Eliminate the EPA: Stop Environment Thugs from

The Environmental Protection Agency has been a disaster from the beginning.  It is anti-technology, anti-science and anti-reason, from its attack on DDT, to its attack on Nuclear Power, to its attack on carbon dioxide.   It ...

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Patent Bar Exam Refresh: PTO Now Testing New Materials from

We also know from past history that when the Patent Office first starts to test new material they disproportionately weight it in the database of questions so you are likely to be heavily tested. We ...

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USPTO and EPO Publish Advance Version of Cooperative Patent Classification System from

The U.S. Commerce Department’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the European Patent Office (EPO) today announced early publication of a classification system meant to speed the patent granting process for ...

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Featured Study: Prepaid Debit or Stored Value Cards from

Prepaid debit cards are very popular today as alternatives to conventional checking accounts, gifts, reward program incentives, or governmental benefit cards. These types of cards differ from the typical bank or financial institution debit cards ...

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On TPP Secrecy, US And Five Others Decline To Answer UN from

The nine countries asked by a United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur to respond to a complaint over the alleged secret and bureaucratic negotiations for the draft Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement either failed to respond or ...

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Buccafusco & Heald: Copyright Extensions from

Should Congress consider extending copyrights yet again to prevent works from entering the public domain in 2018? No, argue Christopher Buccafusco (Chicago-Kent) and Paul Heald (Illinois and CIPPM) in Do Bad Things Happen When Works ...

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Novelty of Design: Tarun Sethi v. Vikas Budhiraja from

Name of the case: Tarun Sethi & Ors. v. Vikas Budhiraja & Ors. [Delhi High Court CS(OS) 1841/2008]Date of judgment: August 6, 2012Bench composition: V.K. Jain, J.
Facts of the case: Plaintiffs ...

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Patents Claiming Systems and Methods for Electronic Sale of Fixed-Income Assets Deemed Invalid for Failure to Claim Patentable Subject Matter from

The court granted plaintiff's motion for summary judgment that defendant's patents related to the electronic sale of fixed-income assets were invalid for failing to claim patent-eligible subject matter. "The patents are directed at ...

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Trans-Border Active Patent Inducement under Akamai from

By Dennis Crouch This post discusses Professor Holbrook's new essay on the extraterritorial consequences of the recent Akamai decision. In Akamai v. Limelight, an en banc Federal Circuit (CAFC) expanded the scope of liability ...

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Tapping into the entrepreneurship/stew model of innovation from

I've often made the point at innovation is not a linear process. It does not necessarily flow from bench science to new product. In what I've called the stew pot model of innovation ...

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Buckminster Fuller: "To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” from

Within a post on a UChicago board:

And Buckminster Fuller also had a solid take on this issue; only when creativity can be directed to finding something meaningful for everyone to do with their time ...

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Canadian Lawyer Magazine Reports on Osgoode’s Experiential Learning Opportunities from

Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s 4Students featured an article last week on Osgoode Hall’s experiential education programs. In addition to reporting on Osgoode’s new McMurtry Visiting Clinical Fellowship, the magazine recognized Osgoode as the ...

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Intellectual Property as a Corporate Asset from

The theme of the annual meeting of the AIPF this year is "intellectual property as a corporate asset." There are indeed presentations sprinkled across the two days of this meeting that relate specifically to this ...

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EBC granted injunction against Lexis Nexis for infringement of copyright from

Last month we had blogged about the interim injunction granted in favour of Eastern Book Company (EBC) restraining Thomson Reuters (including Westlaw and Indlaw) from infringing the copyright in their law report Supreme Court Cases ...

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WIPO 2012 Assembly Opens With Talk Of More Treaties from

Citing changing trends in intellectual property and the rise of IP as a major economic driver, the World Intellectual Property Organization, sounding upbeat after the well-received Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, is setting its sights ...

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Intellectual Property and Human Rights in the Nonmultilateral Era from

In the past decade, the European Union and the United States have actively established bilateral, plurilateral, and regional trade and investment agreements. While the United States developed free trade agreements (FTAs), with a strong focus ...

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ArQule v. Kappos: Enjoy Your Weekend, or What a Difference a Day (or Two or Three) of PTA Can Make from

ArQule, Inc. v. Kappos, 793 F. Supp. 2d 214 (D.D.C. 2011) By Sherri Oslick -- A few years ago we had provided some cautionary advice relating to the dichotomy between a timely filed response ...

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