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post image Appellate Review of Patent Claim Construction: The Reality and Wisdom of a “Mongrel” Standard from

Guest Post by Professors J. Jonas Anderson (American University) and Peter S. Menell (Berkeley) Patent scope plays a central role in the operation of the patent system, making patent claim construction a critical aspect of ...

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A First Look At Inter Partes Review Filings from

Since inter partes review proceedings became available on September 16, 2012, thirteen petitions for inter partes review have been filed. Of these, three were filed against patents examined in Group 1600: U.S. Patent 7 ...

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More Inter Partes Patent Reviews Filed on the PTAB PRPS from

As of 01:00 on September 27, the number of petitions for covered business method (CBM) patent reviews remained at 6, but five more petitions for inter partes reviews (IPRs) were filed, making a total ...

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Broad Claims to Signals & Computer Program Products in EPO from

The good news is that signal claims and broad claims to computer program products are obtainable in Europe. However, such claims are only grantable if the necessary language is present in the European application or ...

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Exclusive Interview: USPTO Attorneys Bernie Knight & Ray Chen from

On Wednesday August 1, 2012, I had the opportunity to do something I have wanted to do for quite a while. I sat down on the record with both Bernie Knight and Ray Chen, the ...

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Google’s Neutrality Stance Tested Yet Again In Brazil from

The arrest of the president of Google's operations in Brazil is the latest in a string of court decisions to test the neutrality stance of the search giant. Since its beginnings, Google has seen ...

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Declaratory Judgment Suit Over ROHAN Trademark from

D’Artagnan Trademarks LLC, (“DT”) recently sued the Saul Zaentz Company (“SZ”) in the District of New Jersey regarding the trademark ROHAN.

In December 2011, DT filed a trademark application for ROHAN in connection with ...

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Bits and Bytes from

by Dennis Crouch Human-Attorney Interaction: I've been enjoying the forum at ASKPatents. My favorite question so far: How to torpedo a bad patent my former large employer is filing in my name? Patent Infringement ...

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IP And The White House: What Happens With IP Issues After The US Presidential Election? from

What would a Mitt Romney White House mean for intellectual property and open internet, and just how would a Vice President Paul Ryan affect those policies? Would a new Republican administration replacing the current Democratic ...

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FICCI announces online IPR course on pharmaceutical research (CCIPR) from

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has started an online certificate course on IPR and pharmaceutical R&D; (CCIPR). The objective of the course is to provide a platform to understand the ...

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PPAC Report on PTO Fee Proposal from

The Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC) has issued its report on the PTO’s fee proposal published earlier this month. PPAC praises the PTO for seeking to reduce RCE filings by expanding after final practice ...

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Green Patent Acquisitions: Ecover Buys Method’s Green Cleaning Tech and Business from

Method is a San Francisco company that makes green cleaning products.  Recently, the company’s Belgian competitor, Ecover, acquired Method in a deal that would create the world’s largest pure play green home cleaning ...

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Patent Litigation On the Rise from

Patent infringement lawsuits increased by 22 percent during 2011.

     The number of patent infringement lawsuits increased by 22 percent during 2011 compared with the year before, reaching the highest level ever recorded, according to a ...

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Move Toward New Pan-African IP Organisation Alarms Observers from

A seemingly remote African Union proposal to create a Pan-African Intellectual Property Organization appears to have gained momentum and will come before African science and technology ministers for review in early November, according to sources ...

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WIPO Director Calls For Efforts To Boost Viability Of Copyright from

World Intellectual Property Organization Director General Francis Gurry has issued a call for new efforts to ensure copyright remains viable and to win the hearts and minds of the public toward intellectual property rights. The ...

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“Patent Transactions in Transition” will be Addressed in Toronto from

Evolution of IP Deals from Simple Licenses to Complex Portfolio Sales and M&A; will be a Focus at LES Conference The rapid evolution of patent transactions class will be the focus of a presentation ...

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Alkaline hydrolysis: for dead bodies and other things from

The CAFC case Matthews v. Biosafe pertains to unusual subject matter:

Matthews is a leader in the “death care” industry. It manufactures cremation equipment, caskets, and bronze memorials and sells them to funeral homes. Matthews ...

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Bacon Patents for the Baconpocalypse from

As summer turns to fall (finally) in the Northern Hemisphere and the temperatures cool, we can be thankful for a crisis that has recently been averted. No, I’m not talking about the end of ...

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