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post image Apple leverages jury verdict on patent exhaustion against Samsung's push for ITC import ban from

A soccer coach named Sepp Herberger coined the saying that "after the game is before the game". In the case of Apple and Samsung, with dozens of lawsuits going on in ten countries, that is ...

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post image Patent Pendency Update from

The chart above is made from the 5329 utility patents issued on September 4, 2012. More utility patents were issued on that day than any other day in U.S. history. As you can see ...

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New Patent Resources from

After a year-long blogging hiatus, I'm back! Written Description has a new layout and updated Facebook and Twitter pages—what do you think? If you want to follow by email or RSS, you can ...

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Microsoft and Google's Motorola Mobility attack each other's FRAND royalty expert reports from

Two months prior to a FRAND contract trial in Seattle, Microsoft and Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility are having a Daubert fight, i.e., motions to exclude each other's expert testimony. The court's plan ...

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Phillips & Yoo: Faculty Citation Rankings from

Who are the most-cited IP/cyberlaw profs at the top 16 law schools? James Phillips (JSP student at Berkeley) and John Yoo (Berkeley) recently posted The Cite Stuff: Inventing a Better Law Faculty Relevance Measure ...

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“Sufficiently Interrelated” from

You might recall that in the KSR v. Teleflex opinion that the Supreme Court used the language “interrelated teachings.”  To the best of my knowledge, the Federal Circuit has not yet weighed in on the ...

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