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post image Apple and Samsung can't agree on settlement or narrowing of claims -- jury will be confused from

As expected, an 11th-hour conversation between the CEOs of Apple and Samsung was no more successful in bringing about a settlement than various prior attempts. Judge Koh had urged -- almost implored -- the parties to make ...

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post image So Which Is It for a Start-Up: A Patent or a Proto-Type? from

The debate goes on: how important are patents for start-ups? At a conference in which I particpated last month in Singapore, the sense that I got from speakers ranging from Silicon Valley to Europe and ...

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post image AOP Clash: Patent vs. Non-Patent Literature from

There’s a general agreement among patent researchers and patent holders alike that both patent and non-patent literature provide value as prior art throughout the patent lifecycle. However, the actual value of each piece is ...

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Samsung yields and allows jurors to access the Internet with exhibit devices from

Most recently things haven been working out quite well for Samsung in the build-up to the Apple v. Samsung jury deliberations. But there's one item on which it has backtracked. Shortly after midnight, the ...

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Analyzing the Role of NPEs in the Patent System from

Guest Post by David L. Schwartz, Associate Professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law and Jay P. Kesan, Professor and H. Ross & Helen Workman Research Scholar, University of Illinois College of Law Understanding the role of ...

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Tafas v. Dudas/Doll – 5 Years Later But Still Very Pertinent from

Although such Final Rules were widely criticized by most companies in the United States, a sole individual, Dr. Triantafyllos Tafas, a co-inventor of a computerized automated microscope, stood alone against the Rules package for nearly ...

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How to liquidate an intangible-based company - the case of Digg from

One of the persistent issues with utilization of intangible assets is what to do if the company fails. How do you liquidate intangibles? Here is Farhad Manjoo's summary of what happened to the old ...

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Judge orders adverse inference instruction against Apple and Samsung, but they prefer none at all from

Earlier today I already noted that the final jury instructions do not contain any adverse inference jury instruction at all, and that this suits Samsung's needs, which didn't want to gain an advantage ...

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FTC Proposes Rules to Codify Reporting of Exclusive Patent Right Transfers in the Pharmaceutical Industry from

Is the sale or assignment of a patent reportable? The Hart-Scott Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 (“HSR”) and related rules require that all acquisitions of voting securities or assets exceeding a threshold amount be ...

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Sirona BPAI loss affirmed by CAFC from

The CAFC affirmed the decision of the BPAI in Sirona Dental v. Kappos
involving re-exam 95/000,390 of US Patent 6,709,694 to 3M.

In the BPAI decision of 25 August 2011, the ...

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EPA's reasoning on RFS from

See EPA brief explains decision to reject industry challenge to biofuels rule


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) filed a brief Monday [20 Aug 2012] explaining its decision to deny a petition that would have ...

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Evidence of Reexamination Not Relevant For Jury Trial On Infringement from

The court granted defendant's motion in limine to exclude references to the presumption of patent validity, a prior administrative determination of patentability, and defendant's rejected reexamination request. "The court will explain the burden ...

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Reflecting on Jonah Lehrer and Fareed Zakaria from

In Journalists Dancing on the Edge of Truth, David Carr writes

I once lost a job I dearly wanted because I had misspelled the name of the publisher of the publication I was about to ...

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The Impact of Free Music Downloads on the Purchase of Music CDs in Canada from

This report examines data on the effects of Internet peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing activities on music purchasing which were obtained from a survey commissioned by Industry Canada. The survey was designed to “inform Industry Canada ...

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MSF: India’s Bayer-Natco Compulsory Licence Case Set For 3 Sept. from

A hearing in a case involving a challenge by Bayer pharmaceutical company of India's compulsory licence aimed at making a cancer drug more affordable is moved to 3 September, public health advocacy group Médecins ...

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Locate Research Repositories Through Databib from

There are all types of online directories that can help you locate the perfect open-access resource, ranging from directories of open access journals to directories of open access repositories. Patent searchers may occasionally need to ...

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U.S. Olympians face trademark issues over THE FAB 5, The Flying Squirrel, and JEAH from

Fresh of the completion of the Summer Olympics, several members of the U.S. team are facing trademark troubles.  Just like Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow, and others, when someone becomes a pop icon, many want ...

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