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post image Bloomberg consults Cheryl Milone on Apple v. Samsung from

Yesterday, Article One CEO, Cheryl Milone, provided her insight around the Apple v. Samsung litigation case in a new Bloomberg article.  “Apple v. Samsung: Can Look And Feel Be Patented?,” discusses the current smartphone litigation ...

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post image Team GB or not Team GB: that is the question. from

For some IP practitioners the Olympic Games presents a great opportunity to impress others with their knowledge of political geography [who exactly? - Merpel].  Nauru?  Oh yes, South Pacific; filed there last week.  Eritrea?  North-eastern Africa ...

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post image Stalemate over WIPO Treaty on Copyright Exceptions for Persons with Print Disabilities from

In what comes a major setback to India, home to nearly 50% of the world’s blind population, the 24th Session of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) concluded on July ...

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The Scientist on peer review from

Within an article in The Scientist titled Whither Science Publishing? is text from Patrick Taylor on peer review:

Sometimes peer review is stellar and insightful—there are peer reviewers I wish I could have given ...

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Checking out US Patent Search System ArchPatent (Pro) from

ArchPatent is a US patent search system that features a post-search filtering (“drill down”) interface and has several additional features requiring a user registration. Several aspects of ArchPatent can be unlocked simply by registering for ...

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Breaking News: Natco Admits to Bad Faith and BMS attempts Patent Linkage! from

In a startling revelation, Natco admitted (albeit indirectly) that it had lied in its response to BMS's quia timet law suit, wherein BMS approached the Delhi High Court in 2009, apprehending imminent infringement of ...

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Intangibles in (and not in) tax extender from

This morning, the Senate Finance Committee is holding an executive session to vote on a number of tax items (called a mark-up session). The bill to be marked up would extend a number of existing ...

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Patent Study Seeks Prior Art for Waterslide Patents from

If you mix water fun with amusement park your mind wanders towards a water park no doubt. But did you know that there is patented technology in some of those water parks across the United ...

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Judge prohibits invalidity arguments based on 2001: A Space Odyssey and Tomorrow People from

Judge Lucy Koh just entered an order on three Samsung motions, all of which sought to modify earlier rulings relating to the evidence Samsung may present at the trial that started on Monday. Two of ...

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Featured Study: The Next Level of Shopping Rewards from

Everyone loves getting gifts and being rewarded. Who doesn’t? We know that you love them; we reward you for your hard work on our Studies and that reward is one of the best parts ...

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Bancorp Services: To patent system claims, the computer must be “integral to the invention” from

Just last week, in a post about software patents I noted that Federal Circuit decisions over the past year have applied inconsistent standards to patent-eligibility of software.   Last week the Federal Circuit kept the confusion ...

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The Good Steward – Turning Federal R&D into Economic Growth from

By SENATOR BIRCH BAYH --- What should we say about a steward that manages billions of dollars in public research funds not aimed at finding commercial products and turns them in to hundreds of billions of ...

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In The Spirit Of Fair Play: A Primer On IP And The Olympics from

Mapping out intellectual property issues related to the Olympic Games may itself constitute an engaging exercise: trademark and design protection of the Olympic indicia; data protection of Games results; personality and publicity rights associated with ...

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Apotex v Sanofi: the (un)implied licence from

In addition to finding Sanofi’s patent infringed, the Full Court affirmed Jagot J’s conclusion that Apotex had no implied licence to reproduce the copyright in Sanofi’s product information documents (PID). Before a ...

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The patent for the synthetic running tracks from

The athletics events start today at the Olympics, my favourite sport at the games. Something that has helped athletes run faster times is the ability to use rubbery synthetic all-weather tracks...

(From Steve van Dulken ...

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Patented Technology of the Paralympic Games and More from

With swimming subsiding and track on the way, the Summer Olympics are getting ready to heat up (even if the weather is not). One of the fascinating stories of these Games (as well as the ...

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Novo Nordisk A/S v. Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd. (Fed. Cir. 2012) from

By Andrew Williams -- On Monday, the Federal Circuit issued an Order in the Novo Nordisk A/S v. Caraco Pharm. Labs. Ltd. case, modifying an injunction against Novo issued by the lower court from one ...

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