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post image For your delectation -- two new titles from

Intellectual Property: From Creation to Commercialisation - A Practical Guide for Innovators & Researchers is the debut IP law book by John P Mc Manus, all the way from Ireland, the publisher being Oak Tree Press.  John ...

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post image Apple stands ready to execute a FRAND license agreement with Google's Motorola Mobility from

With a U.S. trial starting tomorrow (Monday, July 30), Apple's dispute with Samsung will likely dominate the headlines over the next several weeks, but from a strategic point of view, Apple's dispute ...

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post image What do the “Self-Made Man” and Patent Law Have in Common? from

In a word DEFINITIONS.  The phrase “Self-Made Man” has a specific definition and context.  The phrase is not the sum of the individual meanings of the words in the phrase.  Just as the phrase Bourbon ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on 29 July 2012 from

Charles Osgood opened with summer vacation season and the cars we drive, to be reported by Lee Cowen -- you are what you drive; 15 most influential cars; hotels that pamper you, top of luxury, for ...

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Samsung objects to 'gratuitous images' of Steve Jobs on five of Apple's opening slides from

Ahead of the trial starting tomorrow in San Jose, Samsung just filed 14 objections to Apple's opening slides. The first one: "Samsung objects to the images of Steve Jobs appearing in Slide Nos. 6 ...

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Rambus Suffers Loss at ITC, Destruction of Evidence Cited from

On Thursday, July 25, 2012, the International Trade Commission (ITC) terminated an investigation into whether certain Rambus patents were being infringed by Garmin International, Cisco Systems, Seagate Technologies and others. It seems that Rambus cannot ...

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Federal Circuit Upholds Sanctions Against Litigation Counsel from

By Dennis Crouch Rates Technology and James Hicks v. Mediatrix Telecom (Fed. Cir. 2012) James Hicks represented Rates Technologies (RTI) in the litigation against the accused infringers (including Mediatrix) in the Eastern District of New ...

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Myriad and Prometheus: Do Patents "Preempt" Follow-On Research? from

By Hal Wegner -- The patent challengers in the Myriad case placed great stock in the argument that claims to "isolated DNA" (because of their alleged breadth) created a "research preemption." The argument is keyed to ...

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CBS "60 Minutes" on July 29, 2012 from

"It's only life. You do what you need to do." Austen and Muriel Metzger in Seminole County Florida appear again on "Hard Times Generation" by Scott Pelley, a recycled story. Jade Wiley was interviewed ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

July 30-31, 2012 - Freedom to Operate*** (American Conference Institute) - Philadelphia, PA July 30 to August 1, 2012 - Intensive Patent Law Seminar (Chisum Patent Academy) - Seattle, WA August 2, 2012 - USPTO Post-Grant Proceedings: Meeting the New ...

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