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post image Cyprus offers 2% -- can you do better? from

A couple of years ago, IP Finance posted a question: "Intellectual property tax havens: where's best?"  This question didn't receive many responses at the time, but IP Finance's readership has grown greatly ...

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post image Facebook's Patent Get's Approved from

One of the features that attract people to Facebook is the ability to “block” certain individuals like bosses, coworkers, and family from being able to view possibly incriminating or humiliating photos and status updates. These ...

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post image Copyright Lawsuit Against Website For Celebrity Photos – DMCA Safe Harbor? from

National Photo Group (“NPG”) owns the copyrights to numerous celebrity photographs that it licenses to websites and magazines. NPG asserts ownership of registered copyrights and pending applications, but only provides a registration number for photographs ...

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post image AOL posts profit based on Microsoft patent sale from

The share price of that old dinosaur of the Internet, AOL, has recently reached levels which haven't been seen for a number of years. The sale of a large proportion of its patent portfolio ...

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A Glance at PLuTO’s IPTranslator Patent Translation Tool from

Today we’ll give you a quick overview of PLuTO‘s IPTranslator tool. This tool provides a simple and unobtrusive way to access customizable machine translations tailored for use while you patent search. At the ...

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What’s the value in a broadcast signal? from

The term “value for signals” has been used by the CRTC since their 2010 decision, to stand for a regime where the originating broadcaster of a signal should (possibly) be in the position to recover ...

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WIPO Still On Course For Instruments On Copyright Exceptions, Broadcasting from

The World Intellectual Property Organization late last night reached agreement on a timeline for completing treaties – or instruments – on a range of copyright exceptions, including the possibility of a high-level negotiation for visually impaired and ...

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One Munich court denies an Apple injunction motion, another tosses a Microsoft lawsuit from

Three of the court rulings that have so far found Android devices to infringe 11 valid Apple and Microsoft patents came down in Munich. After Judge Koh's court in San Jose in the Northern ...

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USPTO Publishes Proposed First to File Examination Guidelines from

For well over a year I have been explaining that under the US first to file system the inventor will still have a personal grace-period, but that the grace-period is personal and relates only to ...

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Article One Partners Looking for Prior Art from

Article One Partners, the world’s largest patent research community, has several interesting patent search projects ongoing at the moment. But there is no doubt that looking for prior art can be a little like ...

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Featured Study: Prior Art in Your Spa, Shower, or Medicine Cabinet from

If the researching blues have got you down, maybe what you need is a relaxing shower, a soak in the pool, or a few minutes to water your garden. All of that run and relaxation ...

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Musings on Justice Scalia and the Hard, Dull Patent Cases from

Just over one week ago Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Supreme Court was interviewed by Piers Morgan of CNN. See Scalia transcript.  During the interview Justice Scalia said that the hardest decision he ...

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The day they banned "buckyballs" from

IPBiz, from time to time, has discussed buckyballs, molecules made of carbon.


Purveyors and purchasers of small, tiny, spherical magnets take note: You're dealing in forbidden goods. The Consumer Product Safety ...

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Implementation of First-to-File: PTO Rules and Guidelines from

PTO Rules The PTO has now published proposed rules to implement the change from first-to-invent to first-to-file that applies to applications filed on or after March 16, 2013.  The rules seek to accomplish several goals ...

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European Court of Justice Rules Supplementary Protection Certificates Available for "New Medical Use" from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Again in only the span of a few months, the views of the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) have been adopted by Court. Previously, this pattern resulted ...

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