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post image Obama to Little Red Hen – ‘You Didn’t Make that Loaf of Bread’ from

President Obama is rewriting the story of the Little Red Hen.  The Little Red Hen did not create the grain of wheat she planted, she didn’t create the rain that brought nourishment to the ...

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Judge stays Microsoft-Motorola non-FRAND federal claims, Android import ban takes effect from

A week ago I reported on Microsoft's and Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility's agreement to stay all patent infringement claims in three cases pending in the Western District of Washington until the FRAND issues ...

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New Proposals At WIPO Show Global Debate On Limitations And Exceptions To Copyright from

New proposals for a text put forward today at the World Intellectual Property Organization copyright committee show the state of the global debate over limitations and exceptions to copyright for education and research. As indicated ...

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Failure to obtain an exculpatory opinion used to determine level of enhanced damages from

Willful infringement and enhanced damages Avoiding willful infringement is important because a court has the discretion to increase damages up to three times and award attorney’s fees if the patent is willfully infringed  Exculpatory ...

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Under Armour Sues Body Armor for Trademark Infringement from

Still, it seems a little reckless to me to select a trademark that incorporates "ARMOR" or "ARMOUR" when entering an industry that has a heavyweight such as Under Armour with a large trademark portfolio and ...

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A Whole New Look for Engineering Village from

Engineering Village is a subscription platform created by Elsevier that allows users to search a variety of important patent and non-patent literature (NPL) databases, including Compendex and Inspec.   Engineering Village is updated on a fairly ...

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Infringer Lobby Seeks to Strip ITC of Patent Powers from

Perhaps the infringer lobby needs a refresher course on the rights granted to a patent owner. 35 U.S.C. § 271(a) says: "whoever without authority makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells any patented ...

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Google picks up Nokia's gauntlet, asks ITC for permission to join HTC as co-defendant from

I just discovered a headline of an otherwise-sealed filing in the ITC investigation of Nokia's complaint against HTC (click on the image to enlarge or read the text below the image):

Investigation No.: 337-847 ...

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Rogers v. SOCAN: The SCC Streamlines its Stance on On-Demand Streaming from

The much anticipated Supreme Court of Canada ruling in Rogers Communications Inc v Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, 2012 SCC 35 (Rogers v SOCAN), culminated with a unanimous Court holding that ...

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EU, UK Announce Plans To Open Access To Scientific Research from

The European Commission has announced plans to ease access to scientific research results, paving the way for what it hopes will be greater innovation and a higher return on its multi-billion euro annual research and ...

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USPTO Publishes Final Rules on Preissuance Submissions from

This new final rule eliminates 37 CFR 1.99, which provided for third-party submissions of patents, published patent applications, or printed publications in published patent applications, but did not permit an accompanying concise description of ...

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Google's Motorola Mobility must remove scheduling feature to import devices into the U.S. from

Some patents can be worked around in ways that change only the inner workings of a product and go unnoticed by consumers. But some other patents are so broad that the only option to steer ...

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HTC countersues Apple over two U.S. patents it recently acquired from HP from

The latest escalation in the "smartphone patent wars" is that HTC today brought infringement counterclaims against Apple in the Southern District of Florida over two patents it acquired from HP last December.

The litigation in ...

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Compulsory licensing of patents from

The Assistant Treasurer has referred the operation of the compulsory licence regime within the Patents Act 1990 to the Productivity Commission for review. At present, sections 133 to 140 of the Patents Act provide for ...

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Tactical IP from

TweetBy Daniel Davidson It is very likely that you have an opinion regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the POTUS’ health care law.  It is very likely that you have expressed ...

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