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post image Federal Circuit Finds Claim Preamble Not Limiting Under Broadest Reasonable Interpretation from

In re Taylor (Fed. Cir. June 14, 2012) (nonprecedential)

In this case, the Federal Circuit agreed with the BPAI that the terms "low-calorie" and "palatable" found in the claim preamble of pending claims were not ...

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post image India 64 in Global Innovation Index from

India dropped a couple of places from its last year's ranking of 62 to rank 64 this year on the Global Innovation Index (GII) which is prepared by INSEAD and WIPO. India's rank ...

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post image Fair Dealing - Circulating Extracts to Students and Song Previews from

One of the issues that often comes up when trying to explain fair dealing rights to others is the extent to which such a right extends. There are a few recent decisions of the Candian ...

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post image U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Opens First-Ever Satellite Office in Detroit, Michigan from

The Patent Office posted the following press release Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Blank and Patent Office Director Kappos Participated in Ribbon-Cutting for Facility to Help Speed Up Patent Process and Create Local Jobs DETROIT ...

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post image Paywalls set to tumble for publicly-funded research results from

The UK's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has just put out a media release this morning which is has something to do with the results of investing money in research rather than ...

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SpicyIP Announcements: Call for Papers - National Law School of India University from

The National Law School of India Review is now accepting submissions for its upcoming issue - Volume 25(1). The National Law School of India Review (NLSIR) is the flagship law journal of the National Law ...

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Industry Groups Press For EU, US Action On Trade Secret Protection from

Theft of trade secrets, or “confidential business information,” has reached such an appalling level that legislative action is needed, industry groups say. They're pushing the European Union and United States to get involved, and ...

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What are “Name and Likeness” Rights? from

TweetAre you a nobody? A celebrity? Not sure? Fortunately for you, it doesn’t matter. You have rights. Specifically, rights to control any commercial use of your name, image, likeness, or some...


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Introducing Article One Partners from

The other reason AOP has been so success is also eluded to in Phelps' quote above as well. Article One runs a "human network." When I asked Cheryl what made Article One so successful she ...

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CLS Bank v. Alice Corporation Reveals “A House Divided” from

The decision of the Supreme Court in Prometheus has been predicted to have implications for business method patentability, but the decision in what will surely become known as the Alice case provides an early indication ...

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Some Businesses are Benefiting from a Late Start in Patents from

Google, Facebook & Others are Suddenly IP Players Buying late and paying a premium for the patents that a company needs is no longer just a viable IP strategy, it is a surprisingly lucrative one. This ...

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ITU Cautious On Transparency Of New Telecom Regulations from

The UN International Telecommunication Union will publish the draft document for the future International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) and open a website for public comments on the much-debated document. But some hoped for more. Related Articles ...

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NDCA orders Apple to identify all license requests for the patent-in-suit from

On June 6, 2012, in Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Case No12-CV-00630-LHK (PSG) (NDCA), Magistrate Judge Grewal granted-in-part the Samsung’s motion to compel Apple to supplement its response to Samsung’s interrogatory ...

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Job Opening: Electrical / Computer Patent Attorney or Agent from

The firm has a heavy patent prosecution emphasis on electronics and electrical devices, mechanical devices, medical devices, as well as computer software and systems. With this in mind, an electrical engineering or computer engineering background ...

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Examination Art Units for the Detroit Patent Office from

The USPTO’s satellite office in Detroit opened last week.  I hadn’t seen any definitive information as to what art units were going to be represented in the Detroit office.  So, I did an ...

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Obviousness When All Elements Not Present in Prior Art? from

The Tokai and Ritchie rationale seems to have never been cited by any other panels of the Court. While this may be due to many reasons, the fact that this reasoning could so easily invalidate ...

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Large entity, small entity or micro-entity: which one are you? from

In May, the USPTO issued a proposed rule that will set fees for patent applicants who qualify as “micro-entities.”   When made final, the new fees can result in significant savings for those who qualify.  So ...

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Reverse Payment Home Run for Pharma Antitrust Enforcement from

One of the most complex issues in antitrust and patent law today involves agreements by which brand-name drug companies pay generics to delay entering the market. In the past decade, with the Supreme Court showing ...

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Ryanair I forgive you..I was wrong…. from

Ha! Fooled you. No of course I don’t. Travel chaos today as my host for a weekend in Bergerac (he will remain nameless) got us to the airport on what he thought was time ...

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Proposed jury instructions show that Apple has Samsung on the run from

We're only two weeks ago from the Apple v. Samsung trial in San Jose. On Friday afternoon, Apple and Samsung filed the boilerplate jury instructions they could agree on, and in the evening, they ...

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ITC judges make scheduling decisions in cases involving Apple, HTC, Samsung, Microsoft, Google from

Three scheduling decisions in investigations that I follow were made by ITC judges in recent days:

  1. Judge Shaw set a schedule today for the investigation of Apple's enforcement complaint against HTC. He scheduled the ...

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More Copyright Treaties Sprouting At WIPO from

Flush with the success of last month’s agreement on a new treaty on audiovisual performances, World Intellectual Property Organization members this week are propagating other possible legal instruments on aspects of copyright. Mainly under ...

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ESAC v. SOCAN – Battle Lines Drawn in Copyright Pentalogy from

Entertainment Software Association of Canada v SOCAN was one of two 5-4 split decisions of the copyright pentalogy decisions released on xx. Online media and software producers and distributors won a major victory. The Supreme ...

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Google Plays Nice with French Publishers, Trial Scheduled in the U.S. from

In June, Google, Inc. received some welcome news in France after the lawsuits instigated by the French Publishers Association (Syndicat national de l’édition) and the French Author’s Association (Société des gens de lettres ...

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