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post image Copyright Office issues ruling that exercise and yoga routines are not protectable from

In a rather long and wordy “Statement of Policy” in the Federal Register a few weeks ago, the Copyright Office recently noted publicly that series of exercises or yoga routines is not a protectable expression ...

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post image Calculating the worth of a copyright claim: "Dappa Dred" from

Sullivan v Bristol Film Studios Ltd [2012] EWCA Civ 570 is a decision of the Court of Appeal, England and Wales (Lords Justices Ward, Etherton and Lewison), dating back to 3 May 2012 and on ...

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post image Apple Trademark Dispute in China of Xuebao from

Apple is engaged in yet ANOTHER trademark dispute in China. This time, the lawsuit involves the trademark “Snow Leopard,” which is the name of Apple’s operating system OS X 10.6 released in 2009 ...

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Round 2: Did Oracle Overlook the Smoking Gun in its Case against Google? from

Readers did point out some issues in our article that we would like to correct. First, we made some statements regarding copyright that are not completely accurate. A work can be jointly owned by two ...

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Attempted sales price of patent-in-suit relevant to reasonable royalties from

On June 18, 2012, the District of Idaho in Hoyt A. Fleming v. Escort Inc., 109-cv-00105 (IDD) (D. Idaho June 18, 2012), the court addressed the relevance of a prior attempted sale of the patent-in-suit ...

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How Much Deference Should the CAFC Give the USPTO? from

A factual determination of the Board is to be upheld if there is substantial evidence to support it, In re Gartside, 203 F.3d 1305, 1315 (Fed. Cir. 2000), and a finding is supported by ...

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At Senate hearing, FTC and DoJ argue that import bans over FRAND patents must be an exception from

Six United States senators recently wrote to the ITC to express concern over Motorola Mobility's pursuit of ITC import bans over standard-essential patents -- and not just over what the Google subsidiary is doing but ...

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ITC staff supports Google, says Apple waived FRAND defense in Motorola Mobility case from

A couple of weeks ago, the ITC commenced a thorough review of an initial determination that found Apple to violate a 3G standard-essential Motorola (i.e., Google) patent. Most of the review questions related to ...

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5 Features to Always Look for on Search System and Database Websites from

Professional patent searchers utilize  many different types of search resources, including both free and subscription patent and non-patent literature databases.  These databases may be accessible through a search platform built specifically for that dataset, or ...

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