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post image Patents – Some Stories Make You Want to Puke from

CNBC is reporting that Chinese espionage of America economic secrets is on the rise in an article entitled “Chinese Espionage on the Rise in US, Experts Warn.”  According to the article: ‘The Chinese are afraid ...

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post image FRAND hallucination? HTC raises FRAND defense against non-FRAND Nokia patents from

I've been advocating the concept of FRAND licensing for years, and I welcome judicial decisions that give meaning to FRAND, such as Judge Posner's recent Apple v. Motorola ruling. But the FRAND defense ...

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post image ITC denies review of decision that HTC cannot sue Apple over Google's patents from

Not long after I published a blog post on what some recent filings tell about the structure of the Google-HTC patent deal that an ITC judge didn't recognize as an actual sale, the Commission ...

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post image Detroit trademarks – a photo journal from

I recently went to  Detroit to speak at a conference. I loved the architecture – old buildings – of the downtown area. I saw many interesting trademarks and logos. I found markings in the sidewalk pavement indicating ...

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Pharma deals 2012 from

Last month Pharmaceutical Executive published a summary based on its annual panel of heavy hitters in business development on best practices in licensing and M&A; for the year ahead. The discussion was built around ...

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Multiple Winners in InterDigital-Intel Patent Deal, Despite Wall Street Skeptics from

The IP Professional community must find ways to work with Wall Street to help educate and protect the credibility of IP as an emerging asset class, and not allow IP assets to become cannon fodder ...

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The invention of starting blocks from

Starting blocks for use by sprinters are taken for granted now, but for a number of years they were rejected for official records as an unfair use of technology. In 1927 George Bresnahan of Iowa ...

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CBD Head: IPR Still Key To Nagoya Protocol On Access And Benefit-Sharing from

NEW DELHI - The “Nagoya Protocol,” an international agreement struck in the Japanese town of Nagoya in October 2010, has nearly 100 signatory countries, and is a major talking point in the international discourse on biodiversity ...

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EU Announces €11B R&D Programme For 2013 from

The European Commission yesterday announced its largest research budget ever, allocating €10.8 billion towards innovative research aimed at generating job growth for 2013. It issued a call for proposals that includes €1.5 billion ...

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Traditional Cultural Expressions Talks Back On Track At WIPO from

Delegates at the World Intellectual Property Organization today finally adopted the agenda of the 22nd session of the Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (IGC), and started work. But not ...

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Petition for Rehearing en banc filed in Plasmart v. Kappos from

This case intrigued me from the start because it seemed rather odd that there should be a nonprecedential opinion in an appeal to the Federal Circuit necessitated by a completely adjudicated inter partes reexamination at ...

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Recent filings provide clues to terms of Google-HTC patent deal rejected by ITC judge from

Google and HTC do everything in their power to hide from the general public the terms of a questionable patent deal that, according to an ITC judge, apparently failed to give HTC the right to ...

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Canadian Invents Device to Help Cystic Fibrosis Patients Breath from

Interesting story about a Canadian man suffering from cystic fibrosis who patented a device that helps him breath. His patents for a "chest vibrating device" include US7416536 (B2) and CA2563723 (C).Medical devices are a ...

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Sprint files amicus brief with Federal Circuit, opposes Galaxy Nexus ban from

Apple still has two days left to file its opposition to Samsung's motion to stay the Galaxy Nexus ban for the entire duration of the appellate proceedings before the Federal Circuit. For the time ...

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EU Parliament ACTA Rejection Last Nail In ACTA Coffin In Mexico? from

The recent rejection of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement by the European Parliament was “fundamental” from the perspective of some negotiating partners, and may have proved fatal for the agreement in Mexico, according to an observer ...

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Microsoft and Google agree to stay three U.S. patent lawsuits until FRAND issues are resolved from

Microsoft and Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility have reached an agreement on a procedural course of action: as far as their three lawsuits pending in the Western District of Washington are concerned, they are now going ...

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A Central Search Portal for European Library Materials from

Patent searchers  may need to scour the earth for prior art when a case is very important and the traditional channels haven’t turned up the desired results. In these case, the searcher often tries ...

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ICANN Reveals New gTLD Applications from

On June 13th 2012, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), revealed the applications for new generic Top-Level Domain names (gTLD) in a press release and conference. In his opening address, President and ...

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