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post image Ocean Tomo, Metis team up from

If you've been wondering what Chicago-based Ocean Tomo has been doing since the heady days of its patent auctions, IP Finance can tell you.  The company has struck a strategic relationship with Metis Partners ...

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How Much is the “iPad” Name Worth in China Right Now? from

Apparently, $60 Million. The trademark battle between Apple Inc. and Shenzhen Proview Technology (which I previously covered here) has come to an end. The value of the name “iPad” in China is now known, even ...

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Is there any Future for New IPR Treaties? from

ACTA failed in European Parliament. What was the main objective? Protection of consumers against counterfeit products or rather protecting the intellectual property of the content industry? Precisely this confusion, the anti-piracy treaty ACTA (Anti-counterfeiting Trade ...

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State Department, Congress Unhappy with World Intellectual Property Organization Sending Computers to Iran, North Korea from

WIPO is under fire again. It seems that WIPO not only shipped computers to North Korea, but also shipped computers to Iran as well. Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) called this latest WIPO transgression "an outrage ...

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German court doubts that Android infringes Apple's touch event model patent from

On Friday (July 6, 2012), the Mannheim Regional Court held two trials involving Apple's touch event model patent (EP2098948). In the first one, the defendant was Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility; in the second one ...

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Apple's and Samsung's pre-trial statement and motions in limine from

We're only about three weeks away from the Apple v. Samsung (and vice versa) trial in California. On Thursday, the parties filed their motions in limine (motions to exclude evidence and arguments), and on ...

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Oral Argument of the Month: Timebase v. Thomson from

The case of Timebase v. Thomson, App. No. 2012-1082 (Fed. Cir. June 8, 2012) was recently decided by the Federal Circuit via a Rule 36 affirmance.  The oral argument highlighted a couple of interesting issues ...

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Yahoo & Facebook Settle Patent Battle with Strategic Partnership from

This is an interesting development, and one that seems to make sense from both perspectives. When giant corporations are suing each other it is because they are in immature markets, such as we see with ...

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