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post image IPAB revokes patents belonging to debutant Indian ‘patent trolls’ from

Image from hereIn two separate decisions last month, the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) has revoked three patents, one belonging to Ram Kumar and two belonging to Bharat Bhogilal Patel. Both patentees are classic ...

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post image RSA Govt has turned down the music - Excon Approval from

 Protecting the pot at end The South African government has reacted to last year's Oilwell decision which had the effective of declaring that IP transfers did not require exchange control approval. In that case ...

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post image First PIP Competition 2012 deadline extended till October 01, 2012 from

SpicyIP is pleased to announce that the deadline for the First PIP (Promoting Intellectual Property) Competition, 2012 has been extended till October 01, 2012

(click on the image for an enlarged view)

The essay competition ...

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Calling a Mulligan: The Constitutionalilty of Current Ex Parte Rexamination Jurisprudence from

Fresh off of the Independence Day holiday, I wanted to discuss a constitutional issue brewing in the patent realm.  We all know that the U.S. Constitution states that: “The Congress shall have Power … To ...

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Newcastle City library and innovation from

Yesterday I visited Newcastle upon Tyne for the first time in over 12 years to give a talk about the problems that face many inventors. Newcastle City Library has merged its business and patent...

(From ...

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New Examining Procedure Related to Mayo v. Prometheus from

Guest blog by USPTO Commissioner for Patents Peggy Focarino

I am pleased to report that Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy Drew Hirshfeld issued a memorandum to all patent examiners implementing a new procedure for ...

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Number of US trademark application filings for 1st half of 2012 equal to same period in 2011 from

New trademark application filings at the USPTO: First 6 months of 2012:  156, 317 new applications filed First 6 months of 2011: 156,597 new applications filed Last 6 months of 2011: 149,508 new ...

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ACTA Rejected: The Fight For Internet Freedom Tastes Success - India to follow? from

Protests work. There' no doubt in my mind any more. The tossing out of SOPA after a huge wave of protests could have been a fluke event. But with the European Parliament rejecting the Anti-Counterfeiting ...

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SDTX grants MSJ rejecting affirmative defense of no patent marking from

On May 14, 2012, Judge Hoyt of the Southern District of Texas granted summary judgment rejecting an affirmative defense of failure to mark a patent (Target Training International, Ltd. v. Extended Disc North America, Inc ...

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New UN Human Rights Council Resolution On Internet Rights from

The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a new resolution on the promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the internet. The resolution ties such rights to development, and is said to be ...

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New USPTO Guidance Discusses Patent-Eligibility of Inventions Involving Laws of Nature from

A new USPTO guidance memorandum describes how the USPTO will review patent-eligibility of process claims for biotechnology inventions in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Mayo v. Prometheus. The memo, titled 2012 ...

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WIPO Announces 2012 Global Innovation Index from

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in conjunction with INSEAD, released the 2012 Global Innovation Index (GII) on July 3, 2012. The GII model included study of 141 economies, which represent 94.9% of the ...

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