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post image Galaxy Nexus ban remains in effect (for now), Apple posts $95.6M bond, Google stops selling from

There are no surprises at this point with respect to Apple's U.S. preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus.

At close of business on Tuesday, Judge Koh denied Samsung's motion to stay the ...

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post image Favorite trademark of the week: DERECHO distilled spirits from

Here in Falls Church, Virginia, we are still putting things back together (literally and figuratively) after the massive but quick storm that hit the area Friday night. With little notice, a “derecho” brought bursts of ...

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post image A light at the end of the tunnel? An artist's view of business models in the internet era from

The Pied Piper: happier times, when people
trifled with artists' business models at their peril
While lawyers, economists, policy-makers and others talk comfortably in the abstract about the need to find new business models in ...

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post image Theft of the Declaration of Independence: How it Affects Our Patent System from

There are people who are trying to steal the United State Declaration of Independence, not by taking the physical document, but by making it meaningless.  This effort is lead by both side of the political ...

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post image Yet another dodgy RTI reply from APEDA from

Image from here.Continuing from my post, last month, on APEDA’s denial of my RTI request for the legal expenses incurred by APEDA in registering and defending ‘basmati’ as a trademark and a GI ...

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Big Data development in Life Science from

Big Data development in Life Science
Big Data is becoming an increasingly more popular concept and new companies are launched almost every week.  The first to go public - Splunk - was recently valued at $3 billion ...

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USPTO satellite offices; European patent moves forward from

Big patent news from Europe and the US:

The USPTO is planning to open three new satellite offices in Dallas, Denver and Silicon Valley, bringing the total number of regional offices to four. The first ...

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US Proposes 3-Step Test For Copyright Exceptions In Trans-Pacific Trade Talks from

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) on 3 July announced the proposal of a new provision for a trade agreement that will put copyright exceptions and limitations to a 3-step test. The ...

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European Parliament Rejection Puts ACTA Future In Doubt from

Today’s overwhelming defeat of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) by the European Parliament could have a resounding effect on the treaty’s prospects for survival, according to sources. Meanwhile, public interest groups are celebrating ...

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Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012 notified by Government as law of the land from

Image from hereThe Copyright (Amendment) Act, 2012 was officially notified, as coming into force as the law of the land, by the Central Government on 21 June, 2012. The Gazette notification is available on ...

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UK High Court clears HTC of infringement of four Apple patents -- business as usual from

The British legal interpretation of Independence Day is... different.

Today the London-based High Court of Justice showed once again why it's the most defendant-friendly patent court in the world and ruled on four Apple ...

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RIM's Troubles and Canadian Patents from

Reports of RIM's demise may be premature but the company's precarious situation might be a concern for officials at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. For the better part of a decade, RIM has ...

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Happy 4th of July! from

Tonight millions of Americans will enjoy firework shows in celebration of Independence Day. Millions more may even set off a few firecrackers and bottle rockets in their backyards. Many of these pyrotechnics can trace their ...

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Apple and Samsung drop additional claims against each other ahead of U.S. trial from

On May 1 and May 7, Apple and Samsung had already dropped some claims against each other from their first California lawsuit (which is scheduled to go to trial on July 30). Further narrowing resulted ...

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UK’s (Losing) Battle with Pirates from

In what seems to be a never-ending war on piracy, the Royal Navy has been seemingly substituted for an army of lawyers, and skirmishes on the seas traded for exchanges in a courtroom.  In a ...

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For Your Eyes Only: American Science Scandal Brings Possession of Scientific Data to Forefront from

When Judy Mikovits had a ‘keystone’ scientific discovery widely discredited, resulting in the loss of her job, it is unlikely that she considered the state of the intellectual property laws governing the work that she ...

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