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post image Denver Satellite Patent Office Announced from

A USPTO (United State Patent and Trademark Office) press release today stated that Denver is slated to have a satellite patent office.  The press release is short on details, such as when the office will ...

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post image Trademark Infringement of Brave? from

Disney released yet another mega blockbuster new animated movie this weekend called “Brave”. To no one’s surprise, the movie scored the top box office spot and has already grossed over $80 million worldwide. Just ...

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post image Crossbar from

In pursuit of a "crossbar arithmetic processor" patent, Blaise Laurent Mouttet provided another lesson in the way of Obzilla: any possible combination of known features is not patentable, even when the prior art technologies are ...

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Trademark owners beware of .CN and other Asian domain name scams from

In recent weeks, I have received many emails from clients asking about an email they received regarding registration of a domain name – which corresponds to their trademark – in China. Every single one I have been ...

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A few exercises in parody? from

Gotye and Kimbra had that smash hit “Somebody I used to know“. via Prof. Tushnet at the 43(B)log, there comes “The Star Wars I used to Know” (99USc or $1.69 in the ...

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Obama admin actively opposes Nexavar compulsory license from

While I shouldn't be surprised at the arrogant nature in which the US treats the Indian IP regime, I was still slightly shocked at how superiorly the US behaved over India in this particular ...

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Heatherwick Studio exhibition from

At the weekend I visited the Victoria and Albert's exhibition Heatherwick Studio: Designing the extraordinary. A year ago I attended a lecture by Thomas Heatherwick himself at the Royal College of...

(From Steve van ...

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Non-competition agreement enforceable when it is part of a sale of business under California law from

Tension between Trade Secret and California’s Section 16600 Most states in the United States have adopted some form of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act which protects information considered to be valuable due to its ...

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USPTO Announces Satellite Offices: Denver, San Jose, Dallas from

David Kappos today announced plans to open regional USPTO offices in or around Dallas, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and Silicon Valley, California. These offices are in addition to the already-announced first USPTO satellite office to open ...

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Tun-Jen Chiang: The Upside Down Inequitable Conduct Defense from

Is the doctrine of inequitable conduct adequately tailored to deter patent fraud? In The Upside Down Inequitable Conduct Defense (forthcoming Northwestern University Law Review), Professor Tun-Jen Chiang argues that the inequitable conduct defense is improperly ...

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Innovating for Growth programme for London companies from

The British Library is asking for applications for support by London-based companies in its Innovating for Growth programme, launched today. Successful companies must have been trading for at least...

(From Steve van Dulken's Patents ...

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WHO Report Details Accountability In Director Chan’s First Term from

World Health Organization Director General Margaret Chan was re-elected for another term at the annual May World Health Assembly. Now the WHO has issued a "report card" showing how she kept her promises during the ...

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U.S. Commerce Department to Open Four Regional U.S. Patent Offices. from

Via a press release this morning from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. U.S. Commerce Department to Open Four Regional U.S. Patent Offices That Will Speed Up the Patent Process and Help ...

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UK Announces Updates To Copyright Licensing from

The United Kingdom government will publish draft updates to the UK copyright licensing system later this week, keeping strong criminal penalties, it said today.Related Articles:

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USPTO on the Hill: Supporting U.S. Innovators in Global Markets from

Guest blog by Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rea

Last week, I had the distinct honor to testify in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet at a hearing titled ...

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USPTO Detroit Office to Open This Month; Three More Regional Patent Offices Planned from

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has announced a plan to open three regional patent offices in the Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; and Silicon Valley, CA areas.  A fourth regional office, located in Detroit ...

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UN Drugs And Crime Office Open To Private Donations To Fight Counterfeits from

A little-known United Nations office fighting illicit drugs and counterfeit goods globally appears to be building a programme of private sector donations for its anti-counterfeiting work. Related Articles:

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Is Qualcomm’s New Corporate Structure an Open Source Firewall? from

It seems that at least one major component of the restructuring is being driven by the company's attempts to move forward with open source, but doing so in such as way that insulates the ...

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Nagoya Protocol Access & Benefit-Sharing Meeting Kicks Off In New Delhi from

A key committee of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing treaty aimed at ensuring fair sharing of the benefits of genetic resources is meeting this week in New Delhi.Related Articles:

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More Than a Fast Track for Patents Disputes from

Texas is a Growing Hub of IP Activity Texas courts becoming less favorable than they once were for parties filing patent suits has not stopped the Lone Star state from becoming home to a wide ...

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The Intuitive Alternative to PubMed: Search MEDLINE on BibliMed from

The MEDLINE database is an excellent source of non-patent literature prior art for professional patent searchers, especially for fields like medical devices and pharmaceuticals.  PubMed may be one useful free way to access MEDLINE data ...

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Special Thanks to Professor Tran & the Written Description Community from

This is my final contribution to the Written Description blog.  I would like to thank Professor Tran and the other members of Written Description for allowing me to contribute to the blog.  I would also ...

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US Awards Contract For Key Internet Function To ICANN from

The United States government on 2 July announced it has awarded a contract to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to manage a key underlying function of the internet for up to ...

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Government Innovation Choices after Rio + 20 and the Need for Further Study from

At the Rio + 20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development — which followed by forty years the Stockholm Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and by twenty years the Rio Declaration on ...

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“Only 58 Seconds to Steal a Painting”: New Symposium Addresses Criminality in the Art and Cultural Property World from

June of this year, Toronto’s Old Osgoode Hall hosted a conference that was a first of its kind. Co-chaired and organized by Osgoode alumna Bonnie Czegledi of Czegledi Art Law, the Symposium on Criminality ...

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The Patentability of Gene Sequences: Myriad Genetics’ Day in the United States Supreme Court from

In late March, The United States Supreme Court ordered the U.S Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit to reconsider Myriad Genetics’ existing patent on two genes associated with a high risk of breast ...

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Federal Circuit Again Vacates Preliminary Injunction in Metformin Case from

Sciele Pharma v. Lupin, No. 2012-1228 (Fed. Cir.) In a precedential decision today, the Federal Circuit vacated a preliminary injunction that had been entered against Lupin in the ANDA litigation over Lupin's generic version ...

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