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post image Samsung appeals Galaxy Nexus ban and moves to stay the injunction from

As expected, Samsung's lawyers worked hard to define their appellate strategy concerning the Galaxy Nexus injunction that was ordered on Friday afternoon Pacific Time. They just gave notice of their appeal to the Court ...

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Lin Registers “Linsanity”, Denies Would-Be Squatters from

TweetSports fans remember what happened just four months ago, though it seems like four years ago. Jeremy Lin became a phenomenon, and why not? From zero to hero, Harvard-drafted benchwarmer to MVP...


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The Patent Twilight Zone: Keeping Significant Innovations Secret from

It almost boggles the mind, but this Federal Register Notice explains that the USPTO is undertaking a study to determine the feasibility of requiring economically significant patents to be kept under lock and key. Yes ...

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Samsung's public statements contradict its motion to stay the Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction from

It's very difficult for companies to speak out in public on pending litigation, which is why most companies decline to comment on the record or make only short and somewhat repetitive statements. As U ...

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Android devices have already been found to infringe 11 valid Apple and Microsoft patents from

Patent litigation takes time. Most of the patents that large companies have asserted against Android haven't even come to judgment yet, and new assertions continue to be made. But the time has passed for ...

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Patent wars: lawsuits on the rise from

There's no question that patent litigation is increasing every day. If it's not the big guys fighting it out it's a nonpracticing entity (NPE) suing on patents that it purchased in an ...

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ALRC terms of reference finalised from

The Government has announced the finalised terms of reference for the Australian Law Reform’s inquiry into copyright: I refer to the ALRC for inquiry and report pursuant to subsection 20(1) of the Australian ...

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Socio-Legal Review puts out call for papers from

The Socio-Legal Review, published by the Law & Society Committee of the National Law School of India University has put out the following call for submission. Submission guidelines maybe accessed over here, while past issues of ...

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