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post image Fishing trademarks – a photo journal from

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of a fishing trip in northern Maine. And I realized – of course – brands are everywhere, regardless of what you are doing and how remote your location (Forrest ...

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post image Gearing Up For the 2012 BIO International Convention in Boston from

The 2012 BIO International Convention will feature an educational track devoted to Biotech Patenting and Tech Transfer to discuss legal and legislative developments and how they are likely to impact biotech companies.   Hosted by the ...

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District Court Finds Inducement of Infringement in Doxercalciferol Case from

Bone Care Int'l v. Roxane Labs., No. 09-cv-285 (GMS) In an opinion this past Monday, the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware found in favor of Genzyme and against ANDA applicants ...

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Upcoming Symposium to Address the Issue of Criminality in the Art and Cultural Property World from

Starting this Friday, June 15th at Old Osgoode Hall, a new two-day symposium attempts to bring attention to the burgeoning issue of criminality in the art and cultural property world. Organized by Czegledi Art Law ...

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Apple's deliberate approach allows Samsung to launch Galaxy S III on time from

Late on Monday, Judge Lucy Koh responded to a joint Apple-Samsung proposal for a nearest-term schedule regarding the S III. The agreement that the parties had reached on the next steps reflected caution on both ...

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Sri Srinivasan/Richard Taranto from

Mr. Sri Srinivasan was nominated to the D.C. Circuit the other day.   He and current Federal Circuit nominee Richard Taranto were advocates on opposite sides of the case Hynix Semiconductor, Inc., et al. v ...

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Digital Music Reseller Partners with Apple iTunes and Artists from

Those who have followed the digital music wars over the years no doubt recall the battles between the Recording Industry and various MP3 file sharing websites. Through the haze of these legal battles Apple started ...

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America Invents Act – Patent Office Funding from

TweetUnder-funding of the Patent Office, and its consequences,  is well-documented. The situation boils down to Congress returns only a portion of the fees collected by the USPTO from applicants,...


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Top Reasons Why USPTO Is Moving to CPC from

Today I'd like to return to our work on patent classification. With the planning and development phases of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) project well underway, this is a good opportunity to reemphasize the ...

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The Other Shoe Drops from

Zut alors!  Christian Louboutin is not having a good year with the judicial system and must be seeing red!   I have previously covered Christian Louboutin’s dispute with Yves Saint Laurent in the US, with ...

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HTC withdraws Federal Circuit appeal against ITC dismissal of complaint against Apple from

Four months ago, the ITC dismissed a complaint HTC had brought against Apple in May 2010. The original complaint related to five patents. HTC withdrew one, and the ITC did not hold Apple to infringe ...

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Federal Circuit Declines Invitation to Reconsider Standing Question from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Circuit today denied Defendant Myriad Genetics' motion, styled as "Appellant's Suggestion of Mootness, or, in the Alternative, Motion to Remand," seeking to reopen the question of whether Dr ...

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1,930 Applications For New Domains: .App More Desirable Than .Sex from

It is not .sex (or .sexy) anymore, it is .app that companies investing in new domains on the internet think most desirable: 13 applications to operate a future .app registry have been filed with the ...

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Full Text Searching for Indian Patents and Application on MCPaIRS from

India is a growing player in the international patent market, and the expanding partial and full-text coverage of Indian patent documents in major patent search systems reflects this increased importance. A quick look at the ...

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