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post image Guest Post: Rosetta Stone Ltd. v. Google Inc. from

Sourav Dan, a 4th year student at KIIT law school has sent us this interesting post on the similarities between the decisions of an Indian court and American Court in holding Google liable for contributory ...

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post image Recent Trademark Registrations XXXII from

Here is another update of recent client registrations from the public records for readers to see real examples of brands and marks which are being protected [click trademark or logo to open USPTO records in ...

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Protection From Harm? from

There is little doubt that the protection of the patent system has been instrumental in the continued innovation in science and technology by allowing the inventor (or filer of the patent) to reap the benefits ...

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CARFAC and the Arists’ Resale Right (Where does it end?) from

On June 8th 2012, lawyers and artists will be converging in Ottawa for the Art + Law conference, hosted by CARFAC. One of the major topics of discussion will doubtless be the recently debated Artists’ Resale ...

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Apple ordered to disclose patent licensing information in time for Thursday hearing from

At close of business on Tuesday, Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal granted in part a Samsung motion to compel Apple to provide certain additional information concerning licensing discussions involving the four patents over which it ...

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Judge Posner denies 11 summary judgment motions before Apple v. Motorola trial from

We're only five days away from the first Apple v. Google trial in history (given that Motorola is now a wholly-owned Google subsidiary, a fact that Google just notified to courts throughout the United ...

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Upcoming patent agent examination from

We have received multiple queries from our readers regarding the patent agent examination.  Although there is no formal date prescribed as yet by the patent office, we may safely assume that the examination would be ...

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SpicyIP Announcements: IUCIPRS offers Scholarship to Ph.D Candidates from

We are glad to announce that the Inter University Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Studies (IUCIPRS) is offering scholarships to Ph.D candidates interested in research on IPR related issues. IUCIPRS is an autonomous Centre ...

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Nobel Prize Scientist Not Enough for Bankrupt Solar Company from

Just because a company has a patent portfolio and interesting technology does not mean that the portfolio, or the company behind the portfolio, will be able to tap into the "perfect storm" we are seeing ...

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Micro Entity Status – What Do I Need to Know? from

TweetIncluded in the substantial changes to the patent system made by the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act passed in September of last year, a new category of applicant entity was created.  In...


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Apple files third ITC complaint in as many years against HTC from

[DEVELOPING STORY -- will update as additional information becomes available]

Apple does not waver in the enforcement of its patents against Android device makers. On Monday (June 4), Apple filed a new complaint against HTC with ...

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Search Swedish Non-Patent Literature for Free on DiVA from

Last week we looked at NTLTD, a central online catalog of electronic theses and dissertations.  Professional patent searchers often need to locate obscure non-patent literature (NPL) prior art that mentions technology relevant to the target ...

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Discussion On Counterfeits With A Flavour Of Rum At WTO TRIPS Council from

Intellectual property enforcement was discussed at yesterday’s session of the World Trade Organization council on IP-related issues in two different contexts, both involving the United States. Cuba complained about the US failure to comply ...

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IP5 Patent Offices Tighten Joint Work from

The heads of the world's five largest intellectual property offices, who refer to themselves as the IP5, met today to discuss further efforts to improve quality and efficiency in patent examination, and harmonise patent ...

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Upcoming Event: 5th Product And Pipeline Enhancement For Generics from

A conference entitled the "5th Product and Pipeline Enhancement for Generics" to be held in Washington, DC on 17-19 July will feature industry leaders in the generic, branded pharmaceutical and API industries. Issues covered will ...

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EDTX orders production of settlement communications related to the patent-in-suit from

On May 2, 2012, in Charles E. Hill v. 1-800 Flowers.Com, Inc., Case No. 2:11–CV–174 (EDTX), Judge Gilstrap granted the defendant’s motion to compel the plaintiff to produce both the ...

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Microsoft-Motorola FRAND dispute headed for November jury trial -- no summary judgment from

Unless Microsoft and Google can agree on a patent cross-license during the next five months, the terms of a license agreement under which Microsoft will be entitled to use, on a worldwide basis, Motorola Mobility ...

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Apple formally requests U.S. injunction against the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone from

Late on Tuesday, Apple brought a motion, in its second California litigation against Samsung, "to supplement the record regarding Samsung's Galaxy S III product". Apple formally asks the court for permission to add the ...

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Inovia Launches German Language Website from

To our German visitors, willkommen!  While our blog is still in English, we did launch a German language version of our website yesterday.   Germany is an important market for inovia.  With 18,788 PCT applications ...

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