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post image IPXI: Securitizing Patents from

IPXI is an attempting to create an exchange for the transfer of patent rights.  Their website states that they intend to offer Unit Licensing Rights (ULRs) that can be bought and sold on their exchange ...

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post image Making a mockery of the RTI Act from

Originally, this post was supposed to be one on the procurement of legal services by the Central Government and other statutory bodies. The reason for this being that the Government has recently introduced in Parliament ...

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Copyright Is Not About Copying from

This comment was prepared for the Harvard Law Review “The New Private Law” Symposium (October 2011) as a response to Shyamkrishna Balganesh’s “The Obligatory Structure of Copyright Law: Unbundling the Wrong of Copying,” 125 ...

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Creativity, Culture and Community: Advancing the ‘Status of the Artist Act’ in Nova Scotia from

Ceaseless lobbying on the behalf of Canadian artists frustrated by their ambiguous position in relation to other labourers subsequently culminated in the Federal Government of Canada proclaiming the Status of the Artist Act. The Status ...

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Rosetta Stone v Google: Search Engine Keyword Advertising Trademarks Dispute Continues from

At the heart of the Rosetta Stone v Google lawsuit is whether the sale of trademarks as search keywords for sponsored links makes Google liable for trademark infringement. Recently, the United States Court of Appeal ...

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US Tax Funded Research: Sick of Pay-Per-View? from

Free online access to tax-funded scientific research is the most recent movement by American open-access advocate group Access2Research.  The group calls for a policy similar to the one currently implemented by the National Institutes of ...

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Hot Dogs and Hindsight from

In the five years since the Supreme Court issued its ruling in KSR v. Teleflex, on the whole courts have liberally applied the case’s legal standard of “common sense” to overturn patents for inventions ...

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Maker’s Mark Trademark Battle: Jose Cuervo Can’t Use Dripping Red Wax from

TweetI enjoy a fine bottle of liquor. Not so much for elixir within, but because such care and artistry is involved with the presentation of the bottle, labels, and even the seal around the cap ...

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Who owns airport codes? Anheuser-Busch files to register BOS, STL, DFW, LGA, JFK, and dozens more for beer from

Who owns the three letter airport codes? The FAA? The individual airport authorities? Anheuser-Busch? According to Wikipaedia, the codes are provided by the International Air Association Transport Association. Anheuser-Busch recently filed several dozen applications based ...

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European Nuclear Lab CERN Launches New “Easy IP” Plan from

Does the idea of a multifunctional, versatile position-sensitive detector for measuring characteristics of a beam of particles spark ideas for useful products of benefit to society and the economy? If so, then CERN has just ...

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The End of Intellectual Property: Challenges beyond the “China Model” from

The luxury cruise ship “Rule of Law” has hit a new reef, called the unenforceability of intellectual property rights. This article by Prof. Feng Xiang argues that instead of the often misnamed and misunderstood scapegoat ...

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Addressing Cheap Shots and Inaccuracies from Hal Wagner from

It has come to my attention that earlier today in his e-mail newsletter Hal Wagner has once again attempted to take a cheap shot at yours truly. Yes, I know that truth and accuracy are ...

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Scope of next week's Apple-Motorola trial in Chicago could still be narrowed from

On Sunday, Judge Posner entered an order in the Apple v. Motorola litigation in Chicago that just showed up in the public record and addresses a very interesting and unusual situation. Simply put, there will ...

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ITU: More Transparency On World Conference On Telecommunications (WCIT)? from

The UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU) today announced it would start publishing briefing papers on the issues surrounding the revision of the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR) and explain the "processes as well participation rights and ...

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Job Opening: Patent Litigation Attorney for California Firm from

SIGNING BONUS! Exciting IP litigation opportunity in California. Our client is a preeminent and dynamic national firm, seeking patent litigation attorneys with tech backgrounds. Top-notch candidates work on the world’s biggest litigation matters. Law ...

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