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post image Miami-based judge gives Motorola short shrift: case schedule favoring Apple remains in place from

The outcome of disputes depends not only on substance and strategy but sometimes also on tactics and timelines. A couple of weeks ago, Judge Robert N. Scola of the United States District Court for the ...

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Ipad Chinese Proview v. Apple Trademark Update from

So what’s new in Proview vs. Apple? If you remember from our earlier blogs, since late 2011 the two companies have engaged in a trademark dispute over the iPad name. Proview Technology, a now ...

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Senate Passes User Fee Bill from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Much has been written about the biosimilar approval pathway contained in the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009 (BPCIA). While the substantive provisions are still being worked out, one ...

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Serious Concerns on legislative process creating EU Patent Court from

Dr. Pagenberg, for long a standing member of the Expert Committee of judges and attorneys assisting the legislative process to create a single EU Patent Court, devoted most of his time in the last three ...

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Tim Cook makes clear-cut distinction between standard-essential patents and other patents from

Tim Cook was the guest star at the opening session of the D10 conference yesterday. AllThingsD, which organizes D10, published this video of the part of the discussion that covered the ongoing wireless patent disputes ...

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What is an ornamental trademark? (video) from

What does it mean if a trademark is “ornamental”? Can ornamental trademark refusals be avoided? To learn more about the meaning of an ‘ornamental trademark’ – along with information about how they are used and how ...

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Governments, WHO, Reveal Industry’s Back-Channel Battle Against Tobacco Legislation from

The shadow of the tobacco industry was present at last week’s annual World Health Assembly, featuring the villain in what World Health Organization Director General Margaret Chan called a theatre of the absurd. The ...

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IP Monetization For Me, But Not For Thee from

A recent Reason (sic) blog belittles the patent acquisition and subsequent licensing effort of Rockstar Consortium.  As documented here, Rockstar’s now highly public licensing program marks the beginning of an inevitable recovery and monetization ...

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Russia’s Largest Social Network vKontakte Held Liable For Copyright Infringement from

The 13th Commercial Court of Appeal recently affirmed the decision of the Commercial Court of St. Petersburg in Russia’s leading P2P case ruling that the social network vKontakte, a Facebook lookalike, is liable for ...

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UK High Court denies a patent injunction against Nokia in light of a FRAND commitment from

In the United Kingdom, patent holders have a very low rate of success compared to the situation in Germany. In addition, UK patent litigation is expensive, and injunctions are an equitable remedy like in the ...

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The Pros and Cons of a Free Reference Management Tool: Bibliogo from

A few weeks ago, we looked at a Mendeley, a free reference management and collaboration tool that allows users to search an online catalog of millions of documents.  I was impressed by Mendeley’s online ...

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En banc review denied in Fort Properties v. American Master Lease from

Federal Circuit court watchers interested in section 101 issues might want to take note that the Federal Cicuit has denied en banc review in Fort Properties v. American Master Lease, LLC, 2009-1242 (Fed. Cir. 2012 ...

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Hindsight, Problem to be Solved, Common Sense from

In Mintz v. Dietz & Watson, Inc., the Federal Circuit vacated a district court's finding of obviousness and discussed some issues involving hindsight, using the invention to define the problem to be solved, and the ...

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Some Observations on the Market Reverberations of the Smart Phone Patent Wars from

Commenting on the Yahoo! Inc. patent infringement lawsuit filed against Facebook in March of 2012, Mr. Cuban concludes his post by stating: “I hope Yahoo[!] is awarded $50 billion dollars. It is the only way ...

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Rod Of Justice For French Internet Infringers May Soften from

The French "three-strike" law aimed at preventing illegal downloading of protected works on the internet, enacted in October 2009 after much controversy, may be modified by the newly elected French government, according to sources.Related ...

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PTO Proposes Changes to Implement Micro Entity Patent Fees from

The amend to the rules of practice in patent cases is for the purpose of implementing the micro entity provision of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA). If an applicant qualifies as a micro entity ...

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European Patent Validation – What, When and How? from

Europe has always been one of our clients’ most popular and important filing destinations. By filing into the European Patent Office (EPO), the applicant can eventually obtain patent protection in up to 40 countries and ...

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