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post image Apple files for patent and trademark protection for Siri’s “ding-ding” noise from

I recently noticed that Apple filed to “intent to use” trademark applications for sound marks in April (perhaps surprisingly, Apple does not own any sound mark trademark registrations yet): Serial No. 85609317 :  The mark is ...

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post image What About Generic Copyright? from

We all know that certain trade marks can be too successful, with the result that they become the generic name for the good or service that they are intended to identify.  But what happens when ...

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From Russia With Love: Theft Conviction of Former Goldman Sachs Programmer Overturned at Appeal due to Nature of Property from

This April, the United States Court of Appeals ruled that Sergey Aleynikov, former Goldman Sachs software developer-turned convicted thief and spy, was wrongly charged and convicted of theft and espionage under the rationale that software ...

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Village People Crooner’s “Macho Macho” Song Rights Held Up in Court from

In a long-anticipated court ruling on May 9th, a California judge upheld former Village People lead singer Victor Willis’s right to reclaim ownership of hit songs such as “YMCA” and “In the Navy.” Early ...

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Obama Administration Releases National Bioeconomy Blueprint from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- In April, the White House released a policy paper what was styled the "National Bioeconomy Blueprint." Its presumptions are based on the idea that the portion of the economy "fueled by ...

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Football goal-line technology: Hawk-Eye and GoalRef® trials from

It’s down to the final two companies to test their goal-line innovations to see if a goal has been scored: England’s Hawk-Eye, and Denmark’s GoalRef® (although the technology is German). There have ...

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Facebook Has No Case For Trademark Suit Against Faceporn from

TweetBy: Mark R. Malek You may recall a while ago that I posted an article about how Facebook was suing Faceporn for trademark infringement. At the time that I wrote that article, Faceporn was taken...


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WIPO Committee On Patents Struggles To Decide On Future Work from

On the last day of the weeklong meeting of the WIPO committee on the law of patents, discussions are ongoing to find consensus on the future work of the committee. The week has been a ...

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Huawei's EU antitrust complaint against InterDigital: unFRANDly terms are abusive from

Yesterday, Chinese electronics giant Huawei announced that it had filed an EU antitrust complaint against InterDigital, a non-practicing entity that holds patents that it declared essential to 3G/UMTS and other telecommunications standards. In its ...

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Free Patent Tools from MaxVal from

MaxVal, an IP research and services firm, offers a suite of useful (and free) patent tools. The graphical patent family tree generator is especially nice. The USPTO widget is also useful for compiling data about ...

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World Health Assembly: Latest Texts Of R&D Drafting Group from

The latest available documents of the closed-door meeting addressing recommendations on ways to finance neglected diseases largely afflicting developing countries show progress heading into this afternoon's session. They reflect efforts to agree on how ...

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup from

Hi everyone! Take a look at the foreign filing/patenting news for the week of May 21st: Attention all New Hampshirites! The USPTO has opened a new Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) in Concord ...

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World Health Assembly: Members Agree On NCD Resolution from

The first global target on non-communicable diseases has been gavelled through a World Health Assembly meeting. Member states have decided on a voluntary global target in reducing overall mortality from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or ...

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In court filing concerning copyrightability, Google contradicts its own Android compatibility definition from

To reasonably knowledgeable observers, it was clear even before the Oracle v. Google trial started that this litigation is much more about copyright than patents. After the patent verdict was rendered on Wednesday, the fight ...

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World Health Assembly: Agreement Reached On Neglected Disease R&D Process, But No Convention from

A proposal at this week’s World Health Assembly to negotiate a binding convention on research and development for neglected diseases - those predominantly afflicting poor populations - ran into resistance from developed countries which hold the ...

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World Health Assembly: Members Gavel New Mechanism To Fight Poor-Quality Medicines from

World Health Organization member states have decided to establish a new mechanism for international collaboration to prevent and control “substandard, spurious, falsely-labelled, falsified and counterfeit medical products” (SSFFC). Excluding trade and intellectual property considerations, this ...

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