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The Judges of the Federal Circuit from

Front row: Judges Clevenger, Plager, Newman, Rader, Mayer, Lourie, and Schall. Back row: Judges O’Malley, Prost, Linn, Bryson, Gajarsa, Dyk, Moore, Reyna, and Wallach. (Click on image for a better view.) Below:  Nominee Richard ...

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One Step Closer: Bill C-11 from

May 14, 2012 brings the latest attempt at copyright reform, Bill C-11 one step closer to fruition. Bill C-11 began with its Introduction and Initial Reading before the House in September of 2011, and is ...

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Disney's Touché touch-sensing invention from

Disney has come up with a revolutionary touch-sensing invention,Touché, as explained in a Yahoo article. Different types of touch would mean that a doorknob would know how to lock itself by the way...

(From ...

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USPTO Offers Patent Applicants Option to Supplement Disclosure of Prior Art After Paying Issue Fee from

When filing a patent application, all inventors and others involved with the application are required to inform the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) if they are aware of any prior art that may ...

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The Perils of Being Your Own Trademark Attorney from

Trademark owners who attempt to file and prosecute their own trademark applications are really being pennywise and pound foolish. I appreciate the reasons for filing your own trademark applications, particularly in this economy. Many times ...

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After Sharp Concerns, Cooperation Prevails On UNCTAD’s Mandate For Next Four Years from

After the thirteenth quadrennial session of the United Nations body focusing on trade and development, which was to set its mandate for the next four years, delegates reached consensus and avoided major pitfalls, according to ...

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Scope of damages phase of Oracle-Google trial will likely depend on copyrightability decision from

In this blog post (published on Sunday), I already expressed my opinion that Oracle's insistence on disgorgement of infringer's profit with respect to the rangeCheck function and eight decompiled files makes sense if ...

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USPTO Co-Sponsors IP Small Claims Roundtable from

Last Thursday (May 10, 2012), a roundtable of intellectual property experts convened at the George Washington University Law School. It was co-sponsored by the USPTO and the U.S. Copyright Office. The purpose of this ...

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Apple asks ITC to throw out five patents HTC received from Google last year from

On the ITC document server, a new document entry just showed up that relates to an extremely interesting motion filed yesterday in the investigation of HTC's second ITC complaint against Apple (click on the ...

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The Evolution of Free Chemical Patent Searching: The New SureChemOpen from

Since SureChem was purchased by Macmillan Publishers Ltd. in 2009, it has undergone a variety of changes that are chronicled in the Major Recent Updates section of the SureChem System Report on Intellogist. In April ...

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Oracle and Google reach agreement to postpone copyright damages issues to future trial from

[DEVELOPING STORY -- still adding comment]

In my previous post, I discussed the state of the discussion between Judge Alsup, Oracle and Google regarding copyright damages as of yesterday afternoon.

12-05-16 Order Granting Oracle-Google Stipulation on ...

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Apple drops three dependent claims from touchscreen heuristics patent in Motorola lawsuit, continues to assert independent claim 1 from

In the Apple v. Motorola lawsuit in the Northern District of Illinois, the parties have filed a slew of motions this week, mostly motions in limine (exclusion of evidence from next month's trial). Most ...

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Judge tosses Google's challenge to Oracle's registration and ownership of copyright in Java APIs from

Wednesday provided a couple of useful clarifications in Oracle v. Google. In the morning, the parties stipulated to a course of action regarding copyright damages that was immediately approved by Judge William Alsup and essentially ...

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