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post image Kardam singlehandedly kills transparency at the IPO; sends it back to the dark ages from

In a telephonic conversation with Sumathi earlier this evening, Dr. Kardam informed her that he had no intention of reviewing his earlier order rejecting her appeal against the order of the Central Public Information Officer ...

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post image Rothschild Family Sues Commoner For Using Surname And Coat Of Arms As Furniture Trademarks from

In a complaint that should have been written by quill on a scroll with a wax seal instead of pleading paper, Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A. and Société Civile du Château Lafite Rothschild (you ...

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post image Monday Miscellany II from

Cats and cafes ...  Visitors to one of Vienna's newest cafes have more than just other customers to beat to a good seat, as the venue is a home from home for five cats. Cafe ...

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post image Monday miscellany I from

Back from his trip to the International Trademark Association's Meeting last week in Washington DC, this Kat is wasting no time bringing readers back up to speed after what seems like an absolute age ...

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post image ITC judge finds "Motorola was not interested in good faith negotiations and in extending a [F]RAND license" to Microsoft from

While Motorola won a preliminary ITC ruling in late April finding Microsoft's Xbox to infringe four patents (including three FRAND-pledged standard-essential ones), the public redacted version of Administrative Law Judge Shaw's initial determination ...

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Bergeron Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (BEST) Program Launches at York from

IP Osgoode would like to congratulate the York University Faculty of Science and Engineering as well as Douglas Bergeron and his wife Sandra Bergeron on their two million dollar endeavour to support entrepreneurial programs and ...

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Android subcontractors appeared "super shady" but Google employees did nothing about it from

I just learned that the operating system I use on my Galaxy Note smartphone was in part developed by subcontractors whom some Google employees, at the time, considered "super shady". And no one at Google ...

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Spicy IP Tidbit: German Minister promises to ensure Just Resolution of Ideafarms Dispute from

The readers have already been informed about the ongoing copyright dispute between the Indian company Ideafarms and the German body corporate Continental A.G. and the apparently irregular manner in which the German judiciary has ...

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Deliberate Success: Developing a Winning Patent Strategy from

Despite the reality that history teaches about the high-tech industry, shareholders/investors and the popular press will dive in and report what is being said by the newsmakers. Little is ever done, however, to figure ...

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Trademark Litigation: Response to Ars Technica’s Article on Hermes $100 million Default Judgment from

TweetA recent article on Ars Technica decried abuses by the judge in a copyright case in which $100 million in damages plus vast injunctive relief was granted to the plaintiff, Hermes, a French high...


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EU Court Of Justice Upholds Limits Of Copyright On Software from

The European Court of Justice recently reaffirmed the limits of copyright protection in computer software. Related Articles:

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Amid “Korean Wave,” Korea Opens IP Office In The Philippines from

South Korea has opened its fourth satellite copyright office, in the Philippines, in a bid to protect its copyrighted works amid the popularity of Korean entertainment in this Southeast Asian nation. Related Articles:

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Tips for trademark settlement discussions from

Most writing and analysis regarding trademark issues assume an end result in court (or at the USPTO) and a black and white answer: the complaining party is successful in obtaining a judgment (or sustaining cancellation ...

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World Summit On The Information Society Review Launches This Week from

The information and communications technology (ICT) for development community is meeting in Geneva this week for a series of conferences on the 2003-2005 World Summit on the Information Society. Government stakeholders, civil society, and the ...

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HTC is on the run from 6 Apple patents in Florida and 4 new ones in Delaware from

Over the last few months, Apple and Motorola have escalated the Southern Florida part of their patent spat. In late January, Motorola brought a second lawsuit in that district against Apple in order to attack ...

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