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post image Love it or Leave it: New Brooklyn Nets logo from

The Nets of the NBA are moving to Brooklyn next year. Jay-Z owns a small percentage of team. According to reports he helped design the new logos. I love Jay-Z’s music. I think the ...

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post image CSIR agrees to disclose royalties from its patent licencing activities for a period of 10 years from

In a welcome decision, Joint Secretary Dr. Jayakumar (IAS), who is the Appellate Authority for the implementation of the RTI Act, 2005 at the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) has agreed to disclose all ...

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post image Supreme Court rules against interim CLs by the Copyright Board from

In a decision dated 3rd May, 2012, a bench of three judges of the Supreme Court overruled a Division Bench order of the Delhi High Court which had held that the Copyright Board had the ...

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post image ITC judge throws out 3,000+ pages of attachments filed by Apple to challenge Samsung's patents from

While the ITC is slow compared to German courts, it adjudicates patent infringement complaints faster than most U.S. district courts, and in order to be able to do so, it has strict timelines and ...

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Lead Compound from

In a close-call case, Otsuka v. Sandoz et al (CAFC 2011-1126, 1127, precedential), generic drug makers couldn't invalidate 5,006,528, for lack of identifying a prior art lead compound to derive the patented ...

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In re Mousa (Fed. Cir. 2012) from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last month, in In re Mousa, the Federal Circuit affirmed a decision by Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences sustaining the invalidity of U.S. Application No. 10/667,216 for anticipation ...

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German Ministry Advises Developing Countries Not To Sign ACTA from

Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) advises developing countries against signing the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, BMZ official Frank Schmiedchen said during a meeting of the Committee of Petitions of the German ...

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INTA: Corporate Call To Action On New Domains, Social Media, Counterfeiting from

Washington, DC - Corporations need to become more involved in the battles being fought over the internet - from expanding top-level domain names, protecting brands on social media, to counterfeiting and internet security - or they are going ...

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It’s Pronounced Foo Koo from

Each state has its own unique rules pertaining to trade names that are very close, if not identical, to the federal rules. It naturally follows, then, that an application for a Florida state trade name ...

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Apple and Samsung drop claims against each other but disagree more than ever on key issues from

Late on Monday by local time, Apple made a filing in its first California litigation with Samsung that offers a truly impressive narrowing of its infringement claims in that action, roughly cutting them in half ...

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Inventions eligible for patent protection from

Mayo v. Prometheus is a seminal case which defines the ideas or invention eligible for patent protection.  For a few years now, the patent bar has been debating the scope of inventions that might be ...

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Searching Chinese Patent and Non-Patent Literature on from

Search Chinese journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, information on Chinese companies and products, data from Chinese scientific institutes, policies and laws of China, Chinese patents, and national/industrial standards all through one portal:  The ...

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David Taylor: Patent Misjoinder from

How should district courts interpret the joinder provisions of the America Invents Act? In Patent Misjoinder(forthcoming New York University Law Review), Professor David Taylor provides a comprehensive analysis of 35 U.S.C. § 299 ...

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Buyer Beware! Counterfeit Patent Bar Review Courses on eBay from

The posting says that the purchaser will acquire a version of the course that was first purchased in March 2012 and includes 36 audio CDs, 8 video DVDs and Patware 9.0.  That is simply ...

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'Fair use' cases cited by Google don't serve to justify Android's infringement of Java APIs from

Within a matter of hours, Google will file its motion to declare the copyright trial a "mistrial" because of the partial verdict rendered yesterday. Even before the motion is filed, the intention is transparent: Google ...

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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. v. Sandoz, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2012) from

By Andrew Williams -- On Monday, in Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. v. Sandoz, Inc., the Federal Circuit clarified the differences between obviousness and obviousness-type double patenting for a chemical composition-of-matter invention. Specifically, a new chemical compound is ...

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