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post image Katonomics 16: Crocodiles and alligators from

Have you ever wondered what, if anything, is the difference between economics and business studies?  If so, read on.  In the latest instalment of this lovely series on economics for IP enthusiasts, the ever-invaluable Doctor ...

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post image Compulsory Licensing: Pot Vs Kettle from

India's first (post TRIPS) compulsory licence issued less than two months ago, much to the consternation of the United States, whose commerce secretary expressed deep displeasure noting that: "Any dilution of the international patent ...

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post image Truth or dare: Madonna, did you copy a Sydney artist's design? from

Madonna's intellectual property dispute team has been busy in recent times. First, there was the allegation in February 2012 that she misappropriated the name 'Girls Gone Wild' from a US adult entertainment company when ...

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post image The A-Team: amicus briefs and from

You may not see this A Team
at INTA, but you might spy
the deadly Amicus hit-squad As thousands of trade mark proprietors, practitioners and support services converge upon Washington DC for the annual International ...

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post image Online Advertising & Branding Issues on the Evolving Internet (presentation slides) from

Last week I spoke at the 2012 ITECHLAW conference in Washington, DC.  My presentation covered recent developments in internet and intellectual property law in the United States related to: Copyrights Trademarks Social Media Accounts Keywords ...

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WIPO Standards Committee: IP Geeks Meet Policy Wonks from

The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization is by its nature a crossroads of IP technical expertise and global public policy wrangling. But the difference between the two became more pronounced at last week’s ...

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I Got Sued By a Copyright Troll Part V: Judge Finds IP Address Does Not Identify Person from

TweetThe BitTorrent lawsuits (otherwise known as copyright troll lawsuits, often involving porn-related plaintiffs), have been smacked down again. I’ve spoken about these cases many times...


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5 Things to Know About Patent Law Firm Management from

Are you a patent attorney or patent agent setting up your own firm? Are you presently at a firm but considering splitting off and going it on your own? There are a great many things ...

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2011 IP Year in Review from

2011 was an active year in the IP news front.   14 U.S. District Courts implemented a Patent Pilot Program.   The USPTO implemented, withdrew, and then again implemented a program for fast track review of ...

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Irresponsible Op-Eds Distort IP Facts, Promote Mis-Information from

These Writers Don’t Improve Innovation, They Trample On It Why are bright people uncharacteristically dense when it comes to understanding patents? Ignorance about a simultaneously technical, legal and commercial discipline is a factor, but ...

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Continued Success in Improving the Global IP System from

Guest blog by Acting Administrator for Policy and External Affairs Shira Perlmutter

As fiscal year 2012 moves forward, the Office of Policy and External Affairs (OPEA) continues to make great strides toward improving the global ...

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USPTO Expands Trademark Law School Clinic Pilot Program from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today announced that it will open the current Trademark Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program to admit 15 additional schools for the upcoming fall 2012 academic year ...

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Partial verdict finds Google to have infringed API copyrights, fair use unanswered from

[DEVELOPING STORY -- still adding detail]

Via Twitter, reports are coming on the partial verdict that the jury rendered today on the copyright part of Oracle v. Google.

The partial verdict holds Google to have infringed ...

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Lost Profits Rejected Where Patentee Failed to Prove It “Would Have Made” a Competing Product Absent the Alleged Infringement from

On March 29, 2012, in Avidyne Corp. v. L-3 Comms. Avionics Sys., Inc., Civil Action No. 05-11098 GAO (D. Mass. March 29, 2012), Judge O’Toole ruled on summary judgment motions, including a motion against ...

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Schedules set and modified in Microsoft-Motorola FRAND obligations dispute from

At a hearing yesterday, Judge James L. Robart of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington gave both parties a rough ride according to reports from the Seattle Times and GeekWire ...

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