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post image Unified Patent Court "unfit for SMEs", say Parliamentarians from

Being suspicious of anything that comes from Europe is an English Parliamentary  tradition of long standing ... The IPKat has long expressed his concern about both the substance of the proposals for the European Union's ...

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post image Not much of an SOS for SAS from

According to some authorities, "SOS" stands for "save our souls" [Merpel prefers "send out sandwiches" ...].  In IP circles it means "save our software", which is what SAS sought to do back in September 2009 in ...

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post image Tracking the inventors of Ranbaxy’s new anti-malarial drug from

A photograph of a few of the inventors, sourced from the MMV website.As discussed by Akshat in his guest post over here, the main invention in Ranbaxy’s new combination anti-malarial drug is the ...

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Global Health Challenges and the Role of Law from

Global Health Challenges and the Role of Law: the 2012 National Health Law Conference: May 4 & 5, 2012; Metropolitan Hotel; Toronto. For the final program and registration, go to: Legal scholars, lawyers ...

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Sampling Questions Still Unsettled After Jay-Z/Kanye West Sampling Settlement from

Jay-Z and Kanye West have decided to settle a sampling lawsuit brought forth by soul musician, Syl Johnson.  The pair was accused of illegally sampling one of Johnson’s songs on a track entitled, “The ...

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FRAND abuse: German court hands Motorola an injunction against Windows 7 and Xbox 360 from

This morning, Judge Dr. Holger Kircher of the Landgericht Mannheim (Mannheim Regional Court) handed down his postponed ruling on a set of four closely-related Motorola lawsuits against Microsoft. Motorola won an injunction (which it won ...

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75% – The Real Rate of Patent Applicant Success on Appeal from

The biggest myth about patent appeals is that that the examiner usually wins. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“Board”) posts that it reverses examiners only one out of every three decisions —33%. That number ...

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UK Court Says Yo-Ho No-No to Pirate Bay from

TweetDanie Roy After ignored requests to voluntarily block The Pirate Bay, UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are now being ordered by the High Court to block the popular link site. Like any good...


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Eben Moglen’s Warning: Beware Of Media Consuming You from

Eben Moglen, a professor of law and history at Columbia University, made a haunting appeal to participants of the 6th re:publica conference that opened in Berlin this morning: Do not to fail in completing ...

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Nokia's patent assertions against HTC, ViewSonic and RIM in the U.S. and three German courts from

Nokia just announced that it takes new steps to protects its intellectual property and today filed patent infringement lawsuits in the U.S. and three German courts against HTC, ViewSonic and RIM. All in all ...

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Database Update Round-up – GBD, SciFinder, and Google Patents from

Within the past month, we’ve looked at updates to major patent and non-patent literature databases, including big changes to TotalPatent in March and lots of new coverage and search options on STN (all described ...

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Full Agenda For WHO: Reform, R&D Convention, Substandard Medicines, NCDs, Pandemics from

With just over two weeks until the annual UN World Health Assembly begins, member states face a substantive agenda, including a sweeping reform programme, an innovative public health proposal, the global strategy for the prevention ...

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EDTX Allows Defendant’s Damages Reduction Based on Foreign Sales But Disallows in Part Defendant’s Government Sales Reduction from

On April 16, 2012, in PACT XPP Technologies, AG v. Xilinx, Inc., Case No. 2:07-CV-563-RSP (EDTX), Magistrate Judge Payne issued an order on PACT’s motion to exclude opinions of Xilinx damages expert Mary ...

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April 2012: Controller's decisions at the IPO from

April was comparatively relaxed at the Controller's offices as compared to March.  Eight decisions were issued and three applications were allowed.  What is most interesting this month is the manner in which applications were ...

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The price of digital downloads in Australia from

Apparently inspired by this report, Senator Conroy, the Orwellian named Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy,[1] has acted to announce a new inquiry to be undertaken by the House of Representatives’ Standing ...

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