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post image The Prince, the Producer and the ECHR from

What do German music producer Dieter Bohlen (left, the German equivalent to Simon Cowell) and Prince Ernst August of Hanover (also known as husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco) in common?
Not much at first ...

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post image It never rains but it pours: Pirate Bay, hosepipes banned in Britain from

Readers of the 1709 Blog may have spotted the nearly simultaneous postings by the IPKat's valued friends John Enser and Ben Challis on the same news item (this sort of thing happens even in ...

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post image USTR 301 Report surprisingly restrained on Bayer CL decision from

The Annual 301 Report by the United State Trade Representative (USTR) has recently been published by the Office of the USTR and can be accessed over here. Predictably, the USTR has once again put India ...

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post image The spectre of Specsavers, or The Cost of Costs ... from

The saga of Specsavers v Asda has been told thrice already on this weblog, once when it turned out that the defendant's lawyers couldn't prepare their client's case because they were busy ...

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Shoe hangers as registered designs from

Even the simplest thing needs to be designed and made. I was reminded of that when I bought a pair of slippers which were attached to each other and to a hook above by a ...

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July/August U.S. trial date for Apple-Samsung may slip without further narrowing of case from

At 1:29 AM local time (!), Apple and Samsung just filed a joint statement ahead of a case management conference at which they will discuss with Judge Lucy Koh the schedule and related issues for ...

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Apple wants U.S. district court to obscure Samsung logo on video display for jurors from

After just blogging about the technical and timeline-related part of a joint Apple-Samsung filing made a few hours ago, I now have some tidbits from the filing that are, in a way, more entertaining.

In ...

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Some Major Trading Partners Are Biggest IP Violators, USTR Says from

The United States Trade Representative’s office yesterday issued its annual report naming countries that it says are the biggest infringers of US intellectual property rights, among them some of the country’s biggest trading ...

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Study On Non-Agricultural GIs Supported By European Commission from

The European Commission Directorate General for Internal Market and Services has awarded a contract to three lobbying groups promoting geographical indications to conduct a study on GIs. Related Articles:

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Lines Of Geographical Indications Debate Begin To Take Shape In The United States from

The United States has historically demonstrated little interest for geographical indications but recent developments seem to indicate that actors are taking stands on the issue. Related Articles:

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Mendeley: Free Reference Manager, Collaboration Tool, & Online Catalog of Millions of Documents from

What do you get when you combine reference manager software, PDF viewing and organization tools, a platform for collaborative research, and an online catalog of millions of documents?  You get Mendeley. Mendeley (which I heard ...

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Setting the Record Straight: Patent Trolls vs. Progress from

Mr. Kessler believes that Mr. Madison did not understand what he was doing or, at best, did not foresee the expense that patent litigation would involve in the 21st century. In fact, the founding fathers ...

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Music Industry Groups Await Judgment On Breakthrough Royalty Agreement from

Groups representing a range of music industry companies in the United States recently struck what they call an “historic” agreement on the tricky matter of mechanical royalty rates and standards in a digital age. Now ...

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Oracle v. Google can't MAKE APIs copyrightable -- they HAVE BEEN for more than 20 years from

The Oracle v. Google jury is now working on its verdict on Phase One of the trial, copyright liability. It has gone home for today, Tuesday, and will resume its work tomorrow, Wednesday.

The judge ...

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Industry Report On Trade Secret Theft, Congressional Demand For IP Protection, As US-China Meet from

A report released today asserts that trade secret theft is occurring on a massive scale worldwide, and that most companies are not taking sufficient steps to stop it. The report, which comes on the eve ...

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Learn more about in an upcoming webinar from

If you're new to inovia or know a little bit about us and would like to see our technology in action, I invite you to sign up for one of the webinars we're ...

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New from Abroad: Enlarged Board of Appeal to Consider Breeding Processes Again from

In March 2011, we reported on an EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA) decision on two cases involving the patentability of plant breeding processes (see "The Enlarged Board of Appeal Discusses What Makes An Invention ...

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Roadshow: second look from

Now I’ve had some time to look at the Roadshow decision, I think it falls near the territory of the House of Lords’ Amstrad ruling but doesn’t go as far as the Supreme ...

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U.S. Trade Representative Issues 2012 Special 301 Report from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- On Monday, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), Ronald Kirk, issued the 2012 Special 301 Report. According to the USTR website, the Report "reflects the Administration's resolve to encourage and ...

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