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post image Four pages good, two pages better from

The EPO’s Boards of Appeal routinely issue minutes of oral proceedings which reveal almost nothing about what has taken place over perhaps the most important five or six hours of a patent’s life ...

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post image Ranbaxy’s new anti-malarial drug: A first for India? from

The last few days have witnessed at least a dozen news reports on the launch of Ranbaxy’s new anti-malarial drug – Synriam. Several of the news reports such as the one over here and here ...

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post image IPAN Celebrates World IP Day 2012 at the House of Commons from

Readers of the IPKat will by now doubtless be aware that yesterday was World IP Day. The Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN) celebrated the day with an event at the Terrace Pavilion in the Palace ...

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post image Spicy IP Tidbit: ‘Bold strategies for Indian Science’ by Prof. Gautam Desiraju from

One of the recent issues of the international weekly journal of science, Nature, carried an interesting and witty article on the state of Indian science. The article titled ‘Bold strategies for Indian Science’ by Gautam ...

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post image Congress Just Threw You Under a Bus from

What Just Happened? Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a bill entitled Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (H.R.3523), or CISPA for short. CISPA is a bill that allows the government to obtain ...

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Statutory licensing for radio stations to be dropped from Copyright Amendment Bill, 2010? from

The Times of India & the Economic Times have both reported that radio stations are opposed to any move by the HRD Ministry to do away with the proposed ‘statutory licensing’ provision in the Copyright (Amendment ...

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Former Sun chief about Google: 'immune to copyright laws, good citizenship, they don't share' from

The ongoing Oracle v. Google trial continues to bring interesting material to light on a daily basis. In a single document made public by Oracle yesterday, which contains Sun-internal communication about Google in connection with ...

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Global Internet Governance: From Multistakeholder To Autopilot from

In recent decades, far-reaching international cooperation has led to the development of global multistakeholder governance of the internet. While efforts to further enhance cooperative mechanisms are ongoing, one business leader with an inside track suggests ...

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PCT Basics: Obtaining Patent Rights Around the World from

There is no such thing as a world-wide patent, although there is something that approximates a world-wide patent application that can result in a patent being obtained in most countries around the world. This patent ...

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Oracle and Google comment on (copyright-related) draft jury instructions and verdict form from

On Thursday afternoon, Judge William Alsup filed his "proposed charge to the jury": draft jury instructions and a draft special verdict form for the current, copyright-focused, trial phase. This (Friday) afternoon, he will discuss these ...

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup from

Hi everyone! Take a look at these foreign filing/patenting news bits from the week of April 23rd:  April 26th marked World Intellectual Property Day 2012, first initiated by WIPO's member states in 2000 ...

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Just discovered: Apple hit Motorola and HTC with six new patents in Miami last month from

With all that's going on, it's hard to stay on top of all smartphone-related patent lawsuits. I'm doing my best but today I found out about six new patent assertions by Apple ...

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Non-profits have brands and trademarks too from

This guest post, by former intern W. Reid Morris (JD, 2012, Howard University School of Law), discusses the importance of trademark and brand protection for non-profit organizations: In 2011, the value of Apple Computer’s ...

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AALS 2012 MidYear Meeting from

The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) will be holding its 2012 MidYear Meeting on June 8-12, 2012 Berkeley, CA. The MidYear Meeting will consist of two workshops, the latter entitled: "Workshop on When Technology ...

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