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post image A RTI googly from Dr. Kardam from

In a googly under the RTI Act, Dr. Kardam, Deputy Controller of Patents & Designs and also the Appellate Authority under the Right to Information Act, 2005, at the Intellectual Property Office, has effectively killed the ...

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post image Trade Marks and Brands: Cohabitation or Rustication?? from

This Kat has spent over 25 years actively engaged in the practice of trade mark law. Throughout that time, he has remained puzzled by the simple question: How do we understand the odd couple of ...

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post image Bio-thingies under review from

Life seems to be quite a popular subject in intellectual property circles these days. Accordingly the IPKat has dedicated this post to three recent publications on the bio theme.

The IPKat (above) gathers some independent ...

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post image Katonomics 14: largely neglected -- design rights from

When it comes to design,
who says the Kat's no mug?
Today we take pride in welcoming back the irrepressible, irresistible, inimitable Doctor Nicola Searle for the third in her series of Katonomics posts ...

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Abbott Asks FDA to Refuse Certain Biosimilar Applications from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a Citizen Petition filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on April 2, Abbott Laboratories requested that the FDA refrain from accepting biosimilar applications under the Biologics Price Competition ...

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Motorola said Seattle FRAND case could affect ITC Xbox case, initial determination is no import ban from

Late on Monday, Administrative Law Judge David Shaw issued a notice of his initial determination on the ITC investigation of Motorola's November 2010 complaint against Microsoft's Xbox. He deems the Xbox to infringe ...

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The European Union Patent and Unitary Court from

The discussions – arguments, if you like – over the European Union Patent and Unitary Court have been rumbling on for many years. When I attended the International Patent Forum 2012 last week here in...

(From Steve ...

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Samsung filed its defenses against Apple's second U.S. preliminary injunction motion from

In February, Apple brought a second motion for a U.S. preliminary injunction against Samsung, targeting the Galaxy Nexus with four of the eight patents asserted in a new federal lawsuit. Samsung has meanwhile brought ...

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Will the USPTO’s proposed supplemental examination rules help patent holders? from

In January 2012, the USPTO proposed new rules for a supplemental examination proceedings, as mandated by the America Invents Act.  A supplemental examination proceeding will permit a patent owner to request supplemental examination of a ...

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UseSoft: "Would they have wiped their own? " Bot from

This morning Advocate General Bot delivered his Opinion in the UsedSoft" dispute, Case C‑128/11 Axel W. Bierbach v Oracle International Corp. In this reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union ...

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A Trademark Lawyer’s Guide to Washington, D.C. – just in time for the 2012 INTA Annual Meeting from

For those visiting Washington, DC for the 2012 INTA annual meeting, I have created a guide to sites, shopping, and dining in Washington, DC seen through the eyes of a trademark attorney. Let me know ...

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Cautious Optimism: The 2012 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator from

The report shows that the mood for 2011 was cautiously optimistic compared to previous years, with fewer organizations experiencing budget reductions and a greater percentage of IP tasks going in-house or being outsourced in order ...

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Global Internet Conference Opens With An Air of Possibility from

Maintaining openness and promoting access were two major themes that emerged during the Global INET conference opening session yesterday. A panel of key internet actors gave their perspectives on the past, present and future of ...

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Search Free Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals Through PLoS from

Open Access depositories and online journals are an excellent free source of non-patent literature (NPL) prior art.  Today I’d like to highlight a popular open access publisher that I first heard about through a ...

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Preliminary ITC ruling holds Apple to infringe a 3G-essential Motorola patent from

Today, Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Pender gave notice of his initial determination on the investigation of Motorola's October 2010 complaint against Apple. Out of four patents asserted at this stage of the investigation ...

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David Kappos at University of Colorado Law School from

Director David Kappos of the USPTO will be the keynote speaker at the University of Colorado Law School patent event later this afternoon.  He is scheduled to speak at 2:15-2:45 Mountain time.  I ...

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Copyrightability of APIs would be consistent with law and practice, not a 'substantial departure' for industry from

Today Oracle "rested" its copyright case, which means that it has called its witnesses and and presented the evidence it wanted to show to the jury at this stage. This doesn't mean that Oracle ...

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Book Offers Timely Insights On IP, Drugs And Public Health In Developing Countries from

A recent book comes in time for the international policy debates coming to a head over access to medicines, intellectual property rights and public health in developing countries. Related Articles:

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US State Dept. Funds 12 IP Protection Projects Worldwide from

The United States Department of State has announced its approval of 12 anti-crime projects around the world aimed at intellectual property protection. Related Articles:

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March Of Dimes from

TweetA man with a big heart, and just as large of fists said, “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”  Zies Widerman & Malek feels just as strongly about ...

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