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post image Oracle Java patent rises like Phoenix from the ashes, can still be asserted at trial from

It looks like we will see three, not two, Java patents at the Oracle v. Google trial. The trial is currently in the copyright phase, and phase 2 will deal with patents. Just in time ...

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post image Lost in IP Ttranslator -- a trilogy of treatises: II from

Last week the IPKat asked where IP TRANSLATOR has gone? This fascinating case, otherwise known as Case C-307/10 Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, was referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union ...

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post image Looking for something? Last week's Katposts from

If you take your eye off the blog for a moment, there's always a chance that something exciting will get posted, and that that exciting post will swiftly be buried under something else. But ...

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post image Sisters act to oppose plain packaging proposals from

Sisters: all with the same objective Today the European trade marks organisation MARQUES, for which the IPKat has a considerable affection, issued a joint press release together with five of its sister organisations in order ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

The IPKat is known for his commitment to openness and clarity in legislation and public-sector policy-making, among other things, which is why he has maintained a suspicion of the manner in which the Anti Counterfeiting ...

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Oracle asks court to clear up potential confusion over Apache license and Apache Harmony project from

On Sunday (April 22, 2012) afternoon, Oracle filed a "motion seeking a clarifying instruction [...] regarding Apache Harmony". Its lawyers see a "substantial risk of juror confusion and prejudice to Oracle" resulting from a combination of ...

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Open Innovation: an event at the British Library from

The topic of open innovation -- how to facilitate ideas coming to a company or other organisation from outside so that it can be further developed -- has become one of great interest to many. The...

(From ...

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The Smart Phone Patent Wars: What are FRANDs For? from

In all cases, the IEEE, JEDEC, ITU and TIA policies apply to both issued patents and pending applications (regardless of whether such applications are published). Further, all four policies make clear that the SSO will ...

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Book Review Monday: Fun IP from

A genius transforms the world by expanding the frontiers of intellect. Intellectual property nurtures genius by protecting products of the mind and intellect for the benefit of society.  ~ Dr. Kalyan Kankanala Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala ...

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Kenya Judgment On Anti-Counterfeiting Now Available from

A key judgment by the High Court of Kenya last week that found a national anti-counterfeiting law was overly broad and might interfere with access to generic medicines is now available on Intellectual Property Watch ...

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Chinese Intellectual Property News from

Our colleagues at AFD China recently shared these news pieces from the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO): Newly revised Measures for Compulsory Licensing of Patent Implementation to come into force In effect May 1, 2012, the ...

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“Entrenched Anti-Consumer Bias” Found In Copyright Laws; Creators Launch Petition For Better Contracts from

A major consumer group today released the results of its annual survey of 30 countries' copyright laws and concluded that bias against consumers in favour of multinational copyright holders is "entrenched" and that there is ...

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Court to hold hearing on July 5 to discuss if Apple's 'antisuit lawsuit' against Motorola can proceed from

In February, Apple brought an "antisuit lawsuit" -- a lawsuit aiming to preclude another party from bringing and pursuing litigation -- against Motorola with respect to patent assertions targeting the iPhone 4S, arguing that Apple, as a ...

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Announcement: Global Health Challenges and the Role of Law: the 2012 National Health Law Conference from

Announcement: Global Health Challenges and the Role of Law: the 2012 National Health Law Conference: May 4 & 5, 2012; Metropolitan Hotel; Toronto. For the final program and registration, go to: This international ...

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Aggrandizement from

Landmark Screens v. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius and Thomas D. Kohler tells of a sorry tale of alleged negligence, malpractice and fraud in a patent prosecution. The California state court was biased against Landmark, the company ...

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Bold Patent Moves Bolster Facebook, MSFT from

Cash Rich, IP-Savvy MSFT Embraces Role of Patent Dealmaker After acquiring 800 patents and scores of applications and licenses from AOL for $1.1B just two weeks ago, Microsoft has said that it has flipped ...

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