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post image Guest Post - TKDL: A success- Really? from

Mahima Rathi, who has recently guest blogged for us, over here, has sent us this very interesting case study regarding the use of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) before the European Patent Office.
TKDL ...

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post image Bonny result for Bonnier as IP discovery trumps data retention rules from

In his excitement this morning over the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Wintersteiger (see earlier post here), this Kat quite overlooked another significant ruling from the same court ...

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post image Tupac Hologram Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues from

Most of you have probably heard about the Tupac hologram at the Coachella Music Festival in California over the weekend. If you haven’t…read the news, there was a Tupac hologram at the Coachella ...

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post image Spice Up Your Research with Library Treasure Hunts from

Most people associate libraries with studying, "shushing" librarians, and deafening silence. In reality, libraries can be a great place to find information and can make your research even more fun and successful. If you feel ...

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post image Freedom, security and justice -- or skiing with AdWords from

If you didn't know that Case C‑523/10 Wintersteiger AG v Products 4U Sondermaschinenbau GmbH was a major intellectual property dispute on which the Court of Justice of the European Union was asked ...

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post image The price of silence and the myth of the Batt Cage from

Way, way back in 2004, the IPKat posted this item on the always controversial and often instructive copyright claim by composer John Cage to "4'33", a piece that consists of 4 minutes and 33 ...

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Samsung asserts eight more patents against Apple in California, including two FRAND patents from

There's further escalation between Apple and Samsung.

In February, Apple brought a new U.S. federal lawsuit against Samsung, the second of its kind in the Northern District of California. Late on Wednesday by ...

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Protecting Yourself, Being the Bad Guy from

TweetI recently had a protracted discussion with some friends and acquaintances regarding this case.  It involves the unfortunate circumstance of a very noble non-profit organization losing a...


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Will Twitter’s new “Innovator’s Patent Agreement” be the GPL of patent licensing? from

The week Twitter announced a new policy under which it will obtain patent assignments from its employee-inventors.  Unlike most employee invention assignment agreements, in which the employee is required to assign inventions to the employer ...

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PatentScope Improvements from

The latest improvements to PatentScope include faster query response time, new and enhanced Boolean operators, improved search term highlighting and query tree displays. The operator NEAR can now be used with other Boolean operators and ...

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Hahnemann alleges Trademark Infringement of Homeopathic Medicines from

The readers, who are inclined towards favoring homeopathic medicines over other forms of treatment, may find the following case to be of interest. The matter essentially involves a trademark infringement and is titled Hahnemann Laboratory ...

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Taking a dive into patents (for fun) from

A strange string of events got me thinking about this week’s topic, diving. First, James Cameron became the first solo submersible diver to make it to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest ...

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USPTO and UKIPO Progress Report on Worksharing Initiative from

The thing that struck me most from these survey results was the superiority of USPTO searches. I'm sure you have heard the same criticisms and joking that I have. Many, particularly Europeans, love to ...

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Motorola under pressure in Germany from Microsoft patent on event architecture from

Today I went to a trial at the Munich I Regional Court and saw Motorola, for the first time ever, in a sitation in which it was highly uncomfortable with a patent dispute in Germany ...

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Redox from

In re Mousa, a chemical compound matter, the CAFC affirmed anticipation by inherency. "[W]hen the PTO shows sound basis for believing that the products of the applicant and the prior art are the same ...

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Roadshow v iiNet from

The High Court has unanimously dismissed Roadshow’s appeal in the case against iiNet. On a first look, there are some references suggesting that our law is being brought back in line with the UK ...

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Country Focus: Patenting in Israel from

Today’s guest article comes from Dr. Michael Factor of IP Factor, an Israel-based IP firm. Why patent in Israel? There are several factors that make Israel an attractive filing destination for applicants. First, Israel ...

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Court Report - Part III from

By Sherri Oslick -- In an effort to catch up with recently filed biotech and pharma cases, Patent Docs presents this additional installment of Court Report. AR Holding Co. Inc. v. Par Pharmaceutical Inc. 1:12-cv-00419 ...

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Patent Pricing ‘A La Carte’ Drives AOL Valuation from

Over at the IAM Blog, as well as Gametime IP, MDB Captial received some undeserved credit for correctly calling AOL’s patent portfolio value at $1 B, while another firm–kept busy by actually driving ...

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Kappos v. Hyatt (2012) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- That rarest of rara aves issued from the Supreme Court today, an affirmance of a Federal Circuit opinion in Kappos v. Hyatt. Perhaps it is because, as in Stanford v. Roche ...

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