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post image Friday's on Thursday this week from

Since so many readers of this weblog will not be at their desks tomorrow, as various holidays take their toll on happy work routines, the IPKat and Merpel decided that they'd bring the Friday ...

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post image Feed Your Need for Patent and IP Knowledge from

Researchers often want to know more than just the facts involved with their current search. They may want to know how a patent is protected, why certain actions are illegal, and any other details regarding ...

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post image Court Finds “I Gotta Feeling” Song Doesn’t Infringe Pringle’s Copyright, He Destroyed Evidence from

Songwriter Bryan Pringle sued the Black Eyed Peas and others, including David Guetta, for copyright infringement asserting that their “I Gotta Feeling” song copied elements of his “Take a Dive” song, which he copyrighted in ...

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post image Unfair dinkum in film copyright case from

From the Federal Court of Australia, via Glyn Moody writing for Techdirt, the IPKat has learnt of a judgment in which a film maker has been awarded AU$147,000 plus costs in respect of ...

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post image Bunnies - Austrian Supreme Court delivers Easter egg to Lindt & Sprüngli from

It is not quite Easter yet but according to Austrian media reports the Austrian Supreme Court OGH last week delivered an early Easter egg to Swiss chocolate makers Lindt & Sprüngli. Our readers will, of course ...

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post image Ten Reasons to Register a Trademark from

I am traveling this week, so it is a good opportunity to re-post a popular and, I think, important post (originally posted October 5, 2011): There are many reasons to register a trademark with the ...

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Apple drops patent on centralized event alerts from Chicago litigation against Motorola from

Judge Richard Posner has been telling Apple and Motorola for a few months that he wanted them to continue to "winnow" their claims, and significant progress was made. The case once involved 15 Apple and ...

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Gingrich With The Upperhand In Copyright Infringement Case? from

TweetBy Daniel Davidson On January 31, 2012, I reported that, like many others before him, Newt Gingrich was sued for copyright infringement by Frank Sullivan.  Sullivan is the co-author, and former...


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Intellectual Property Strategy: A Wise Man’s Guide from

A recently published book by Harvard Law School Professor John Palfrey offers a thoughtful and useful handbook for executives or just about anyone else to better understand and use intellectual property, in ways that encourage ...

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After Mayo, Is Patent Law More Restrictive In US Than Europe? from

The United States is known for taking an unusually expansive approach towards patentable subject matter. Compared with Western Europe, for instance, the US has been far readier to grant patents on business methods, medical diagnostic ...

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Patent Prosecution in India: Part 3 of 3 from

In Parts 1 and 2 of our series, our friends at Kan and Krishme were kind enough to share information on filing requirements for India and a comparison of the patent prosecution process between India ...

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Ted Sichelman: Purging Patent Law of 'Private Law' Remedies from

Do current patent law remedies efficiently promote innovation?  In his article Purging Patent Law of ‘Private Law’ Remedies, Professor Ted Sichelman (University of San Diego School of Law) argues that patent law’s reliance on ...

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Fun Spring Cleaning Patents from

It is officially spring, which means the onslaught of summer has been put on hold, at least for another week. The warm weather in many parts of the world is bringing about the early blooming ...

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USPTO Launches IP Awareness Tool from

The USPTO and NIST have launched a new IP Awareness Assessment Tool aimed at helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent inventors improve their knowledge of all forms of intellectual property.

Awareness of IP rights among ...

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USPTO and Hungarian IP Office Announce New PPH from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding making permanent the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program between the two offices and setting forth the ...

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Court Issues Decision On Intermediary Liability In Viacom v. YouTube from

Today, a US appellate court released its decision in a key case in which rights holders asserted that online video site YouTube should be liable for copyright infringing content appearing on its site. According to ...

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EPO Response: No Tricks On Patents On Seeds And Plants from

In response to a report published on 3 April by civil society group No Patent on Seeds alleging that industry and patent examiners in the European Patent Office are finding legal loopholes to grant patents ...

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A Facebook v Yahoo ‘I Told You So’ from

Last month, GametimeIP mentioned that: “Facebook, however, is not a typical defendant.  Fully aware that their “organic” patent portfolio poses no real threat to Yahoo!, Facebook has the means and the know-how to go forth ...

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CAFC Kills Means-Plus-Function in Software Patent from

All of this might be confusing to a Judge who is unfamiliar with computers, but that is not the test, is it? The question is supposed to be whether it would be confusing to a ...

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Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program Between US and Mexico Extended from

Just in case you missed this bit of news: On March 7, 2012, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) announced the extension of the Patent Prosecution ...

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USPTO to Assess After Final Consideration Pilot Program from

By Donald Zuhn -- On Monday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that it will be implementing a new After Final Consideration Pilot (AFCP) program, which will allow applicants and examiners to work together ...

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