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post image Looking for something? last week's Katposts from

When holidaying in England in the springtime,
there's never a time when it's more likely to
rain than when you rely on the drought warnings
So many people are packing their bags, clearing ...

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post image How To: Push Your Researching Boundaries from

Researching skills can always be enhanced by quality information and education. Most researchers have an area of expertise that allows them to succeed in their field of choice, but anyone can find relevant prior art ...

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post image Applying Natural Laws from

The Supreme Court ruling in Mayo v. Prometheus was not a ruling based in law. To the contrary. By admission of the practicality of the claims, there was scant legal precedent to reach as far ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

A big thank-you!  The IPKat and Merpel are pleased to announce that the recently-departed month of March 2012 has been their best ever in terms of readership.  Admittedly March is a 31-day month, which does ...

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post image A Specialist IP Court: Knowing More about Less? from

Given the exponential increase in patent litigation across the country, one needs to ask if its time for India to institute a specialist IP court. No doubt, we have the IPAB, but its jurisdiction is ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

April 3, 2012 - Contested Proceedings Before the New Patent Trial and Appeal Board: Navigating PTO Practice Under the New Procedures (Strafford) - 1:00 - 2:30 pm (EDT) April 5, 2012 - Personalized Medicine after Prometheus: Exploring ...

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Record Number of PCT Applications Filed in 2011 from

By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced that International patent filings under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) were back on the rise following the 2007-09 recession (see "PCT and ...

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March 2012: Controller's decisions at the IPO from

In the month of March 2012, the Controller's at the IPO did not grant a single patent in actions before them; 23-0.  Although, 15 decisions were issued this month relating to section 3(k ...

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Patent abuse hurts the German economy: Microsoft has to relocate its European logistics center from

Germany's leading news agency, dpa (Deutsche Presse-Agentur), reports that legal concerns have led Microsoft to relocate its European logistics center from Germany to the Netherlands. The warehouse and distribution operation, based in North Rhine-Westphalia ...

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Does trademark classification matter? from

TweetQ:  If someone registers a mark in one class, can I register that same mark in a different class, does it really matter? Yes.  The same words can relate to completely different goods or services...


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WHO / EU “Bad Medicine” Plans: Flaws, Coordination Gaps from

The latest World Health Organization / European Union plans to counter the trade in counterfeit and substandard medicines aim to ensure that medicines in the developing world are safe. As such, though both plans appropriately address ...

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UNH Law Once Again in Top 10 IP Law Schools from

Many readers of know that I hold two degrees from the former FPLC, both my Juris Doctor and my Master of Laws in intellectual property, and continue to have a special place in ...

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CJEU declares Poland's law on cheap drugs contrary to EU Law from

The IPKat was perusing Twitter on his way to work, and was struck by this article from Pharma Times online.

A little digging and blogmagisterial assistance revealed the case to be C-185/10.  The English-language ...

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Tensions Rise Between USPTO and Court of Appeals from

Patent Office is in Defiance of CAFC Mandate on Inequitable Conduct, says former Chief IP Executive A former head of IP at a Fortune 100 company has told IP CloseUp that the United States Patent ...

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Logical operators in the Patentscope patent database from

WIPO continues to add features to its Patentscope patent database, such as the ability to use it via mobile phones. This posting is about its use of logical operators to improve the quality of...

(From ...

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Only express claim amendments give rise to intervening rights from

Background on intervening rights Since the 1940’s, the courts recognized the inherent unfairness of changing the claim scope of an issued patent through post issuance procedures and then suing another who had relied on ...

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Book Details IP Rights And Development from

Using on-the-ground research in Africa and the Netherlands, the authors of a recent book looked at the impact of intellectual property on agriculture and health in developing countries. The study made some surprise findings in ...

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Christopher Buccafusco: Making Sense of Intellectual Property Law from

Does the human sensory experience of a product determine whether it is copyrightable or patentable?  In his forthcoming article Making Sense of Intellectual Property Law, Professor Christopher Buccafusco (Chicago-Kent College of Law) argues that intellectual ...

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PTO Expands Patent Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today announced that it will open the current Patent Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program to admit 10 additional schools for the upcoming fall 2012 academic year ...

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Five Fantastic Patent Pranks! from

April Fools Day has evolved from a day of traditional light-hearted pranks to a day of elaborate online hoaxes (which get me every year…I charged up my old Nintendo on Sunday to check the ...

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Second Annual US IP Enforcement Report Shows Extensive Efforts At Home And Abroad from

The second annual report of the Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC) Victoria Espinel paints a picture of the United States' multifaceted and ever-expanding war on IP infringement, at home and abroad. Related ...

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US Trade Barriers Report Signals Work Ahead from

The annual US list of barriers to trade in other countries was published today, with profiles of dozens of trading partners from very large to very small. Related Articles:

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6th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Seminar from

6th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes Expert Insights on Hatch-Waxman Litigation Strategies for Brand Names and Generics April 24-25, 2012 Workshops: April 23 and 26, 2012 Marriott New York Downtown New York City Each spring, leading ...

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Mayo v. Prometheus Limits Patentability of Diagnostic Methods from

As you know, the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Mayo v. Prometheus, an important intellectual property case for biotech.  The Court held that the correlation between blood test results and patient health is not ...

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The Acceptance of Sound Trade-Marks – What’s Next for CIPO? from

In view of the recent Federal Court Order, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) will now accept applications for sound marks. This groundbreaking decision arises in recognition of the nearly nineteen year legal conflict with ...

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New PTO Initiative Gives More Opportunities to Amend After Final from

All and all this seems like a positive development. If you do provide a claim set that defines the invention from broad to narrow it seems extremely likely that at least some claims could be ...

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