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post image Developing IP Economies: Mexico from

Mexico is a large and diverse economy that grew steadily until the 2008 recession, and continued to grow in 2010 and 2011.  Previously, it was recognized as being slightly behind other economies of its class ...

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post image Yahoo Patent Infringement Dispute with Facebook from


As Facebook readies itself for an initial public offering this spring, tensions are running high in Silicon Valley.  A bit too high, perhaps.  Yahoo has just sued Facebook for patent infringement over 10 patents that ...

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post image "ZEE WHIZZ!" ZYDUS and ZIMBUS slug it out in Luxembourg Court from

Given that Blogmeister Jeremy is attending the Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group Conference in Brussels this very week, this Kat thought it prudent to tell you about a recent decision of the General Court of Justice ...

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post image All Things Pros from

BPAI tears apart Examiner's "design choice" rationale for door placed in rear wall of fireplace tray

Ex parte Brown
Appeal 2009-012485; Application 10/940,994; Technology Center 3700
Decided  August 25, 2011

The application ...

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post image Incentivising Diseases? from

In the recent post on India’s first post TRIPS era compulsory license, a comment by Hersh Sewek brought up a very relevant question of how, if at all, this affects the innovation eco-system in ...

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post image Treatment from

Prometheus Labs sued Mayo for infringing drug treatment patents - which simply claim monitoring treatment and adjusting dosage. The district court ruled the patents not eligible subject matter (§101). The CAFC reversed. Now the Supreme Court ...

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post image Ten days, four pages, one final fling? from

The IPKat has learned that the UK House of Commons' All-Party Intellectual Property Group has announced that it is to conduct an inquiry into the role of Government in protecting and promoting intellectual property. According ...

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USPTO Posts Comments on Proposed Fees Changes from

By Donald Zuhn -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently posted public comments it received regarding the table of patent fee changes the Office proposed in early February. The comments, submitted by the American ...

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En Banc Decision in Marine Polymer v. HemCon: Amended or New Claims are Candidates for Possible Intervening Rights from

In my earlier post, I summarized the panel opinion in Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc. v. Hemcon, Inc.  On September 26, 2011, a panel of the Federal Circuit reversed the district court’s decision, concluding that ...

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Dr. Dre To Diamonddre, Cease And Desist from

TweetBy Daniel Davidson Dr. Dre is not a new comer to fighting in courts for his intellectual property.  Around this time last year, a judge awarded Dre 100 percent of the online sales of his ...

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Product development advice from

Getting good advice on developing a product, making a prototype and so on is hard to get. The British Library has a regular programme of workshops which include "Product development clinics" by Bob...

(From Steve ...

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An Exclusive Interview with Ray Niro, Part 2 from

Ray Niro is a nationally recognized trial attorney specializing in the enforcement of patent, trade secret and related intellectual property rights. The name Niro, however, is not like any other in the patent industry. It ...

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Associated Press Continues its Fight Against News Aggregators from

AP’s common law misappropriation claim has its origins in a remarkably similar suit AP brought against a competing news service almost a century ago. In INS v. AP the Supreme Court, in 1918, enjoined ...

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USPTO and AUTM Announce Joint Patent Examiners Training Initiative from

On March 15, 2012, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) announced the launch of the USPTO/AUTM Patent Examiners Training Initiative, a joint program designed ...

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WTO Special Session On GI Register Meets This Week from

The World Trade Organization group discussing the mandated establishment of a register for wines and spirits geographical indications will meet this week to elect a new chair. Related Articles:

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Great Canadian Inventions Profiled in Globe and Mail from

The Globe and Mail has launched a new monthly feature profiling great Canadian inventions and inventors. The first inventor profiled is Al Gross (1918-2000) who pioneered the development of two-way radio systems (walkie-talkie) in the ...

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March PatBase Updates! from

PatBase has been busy in 2012!  We recently posted a review of the top PatBase updates from October 2011, which were included in the fully updated PatBase System Report on Intellogist.  The producers of PatBase ...

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French IP Lawyers Prefer No Favours For Green Tech Patents; Welcome American Invents Act from

PARIS - A meeting of IP professionals held in Paris last week reaffirmed the importance of intellectual property and its protection to the private sector. Meanwhile, panellists at the event argued that green technologies should not ...

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Killing Industry: The Supreme Court Blows Mayo v. Prometheus from

The sky is falling! Those who feel the Supreme Court's decision in Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. is terrible are right, although many won't likely fully apprehend the gravity of the ...

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What does a trademark sound like? from

Sounds can function as trademarks. And in fact, at least a few dozen of them are registered trademarks with the USPTO. See below for some fun samples. Sounds can be very powerful trademarks. Because of ...

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Supreme Court decides Mayo v. Prometheus from

Today the Supreme Court issued its opinion in Mayo v. Prometheus, an important intellectual property case.  As we discussed when the Court heard oral arguments, the case mainly concerned the status of the machine-or-transformation test ...

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Brazil HIV Drug Patent Ruling Allows Generics, Sends Pipeline Process Into Doubt from

Word is spreading of a recent decision by a Brazilian judge to annul a patent on a key AIDS drug, effectively allowing less expensive generic versions into the country, and calling into question other such ...

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Increased Fees v. Operational Efficiencies from

Returning to our series on America Invents Act (AIA) implementation, I’d like to focus today on an aspect of USPTO fee-setting. During a number of our recent outreach events on the USPTO’s fee-setting ...

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Watch this space from

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that over the past month or so, my posts have not been quite as frequent as usual.  Well, change is in the air at IP Spotlight, so ...

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Early Reaction to Supreme Court Decision in Mayo v. Prometheus from

By Donald Zuhn -- Following the Supreme Court's unanimous decision in Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc., issued earlier today, in which the Court reversed the Federal Circuit and found Prometheus' claims to be ...

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Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. (2012) from

By Kwame Mensah -- In an opinion publsihed earlier today, the Supreme Court unanimously held that claims directed to the relationship between the concentrations of blood metabolites and response to a therapeutic drug in two patents ...

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