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post image A storm in a pint glass from

Large companies tend to spend a great deal of time and money clearing trade marks for registration and against infringement, but should they also pre-clear them for negative cultural connotations?  This is the question that ...

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post image From Curia to Caries: music to the public in the dentist's chair from

Without a licence, some dentists
have resorted to singing on the job.
This stylish dental gag helps
to muffle the sound ...
Case C‑135/10Società Consortile Fonografici (SCF) v Marco Del Corso, Procuratore generale ...

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post image The Sound of Music: the Court of Justice rules from

No communication,
no payment ...
Case C‑162/10, Phonographic Performance (Ireland) Limited v Ireland, Attorney General, was one of two copyright rulings to emanate from the Court of Justice of the European Union this morning ...

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post image United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Educational Outreach Program from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is looking to partner with colleges and universities, entrepreneurship clubs, and similar groups to present informational lectures on trademarks.  The lectures will be conducted by a USPTO ...

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A Glimpse under the Hood: How the USPTO Proposes to Adjust Patent Fees from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- In what was an object of great controversy, the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act grants the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the authority to "set or adjust by ...

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Apple drops two 'display space' patents from litigation with Motorola in Miami from

[Unrelated Note] Before I address the latest in this Apple v. Motorola case, I'd like to ensure those of you following Oracle v. Google are aware of my update to the previous post. The ...

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What limitations does TRIPS put on compulsory licensing? from

This Kat has been thinking more about compulsory licensing provisions and what is permitted under the TRIPS agreement, following the post yesterday about this Decision of the Controller of Patents Mumbai concerning compulsory licences in ...

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Patent Hoteling Program Succeeding as a Business Strategy from

The telework program affords employees the ability to work from home from 1 to 5 days a week, and the largest of these telework programs — the Patent Hoteling Program (PHP) — had 2,600 patent examiners ...

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Take The Brussels University Survey On Beliefs About IP from

The Free University of Brussels has set out to map predominant normative and causal beliefs regarding IP laws and policies. To give your input and participate in the survey, click on ...

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More Foreigners Find Themselves Targets Of US Copyright Law from

All the experts agree: US copyright law doesn’t apply outside US borders. But try telling that to Kim Dotcom, Aubrey Canning, or the growing number of other foreigners whose activities outside the United States ...

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Pathetic Patent Piece At PaidContent from

Over at, an article went up yesterday about The Facebook Fight attempting to explain to us mere mortals How Yahoo Could Win, Lose Or Draw.  The article is chock full of useful, and ...

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Patents in Sports: Inventions that Changed the Game from

With March Madness gearing up, it is a given that productivity in the US workplace, law firms included, will plummet. Therefore, in an attempt to satisfy your appetite for sports while imparting at least some ...

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CAFC en banc in MARINE POLYMER v. HEMCON: an unusual and unfortunate approach to an important issue? from

The conclusion of the CAFC:

In sum, the plain directive of the governing statute before us does not permit HemCon to invoke intervening rights against claims that the PTO confirmed on reex- amination to be ...

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Munich court won't ban Motorola Gleam at this stage for infringement of an Apple patent of doubful validity from

Earlier today, the Munich I Regional Court held a second hearing, which under the local rules for patent litigation ("Münchner Verfahren") roughly corresponds to a trial, on one of Apple'S various German lawsuits against ...

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DHC brings down the viva-voce cut off marks for patent agent exam from

In a recent decision, (Ms. Anvita Singh v. Union of India and Another) the Delhi High Court (DHC), has directed the Patent Office to register a candidate as a patent agent who had passed the ...

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Basketball Bracket Busting Patents from

Today marks the start of America’s biggest productivity drain, March Madness, the annual college basketball tournament that pits juggernauts against minnows, moves outsiders into NBA Draft territory, and creates lasting memories that are later ...

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Patent Research for Sports Fans from

Patents cover nearly everything we use in our daily lives, from the simplest technologies to the most esoteric.  The patents that get the most media attention these days often deal with complex electronics and medical ...

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WIPO Design Treaty Proposal Still On Horizon; Key Points Bared from

Members of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) are working to stage a diplomatic conference on the adoption of a new industrial design treaty at the earliest opportunity. The treaty, at the minimum, could harmonise ...

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Council Of Europe Passes Internet Governance Strategy from

In passing a comprehensive Internet Governance Strategy, the Council of Europe (CoE) today laid claim to a front runner position in the human rights dialogue for the internet. Related Articles:

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