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post image Can Michael Jordan slam dunk naming rights case in China? from

This Kat has always been too short to have a devastating impact on the basketball court. The same cannot be said of former NBA player Michael Jordan. It has been said that Jordan rewrote the ...

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post image The tale of Tatty Devine: of tweets, trends and trouble for Claire from

A Tatty Katty ... The IPKat often growls away about the cost, delay and general inconvenience that often deters intellectual property creators from pursuing infringers through the courts. That's why he is always pleased to ...

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post image Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Filed Over Artist’s Use Of Beastie Boys Photos from

Artist David Flores is being sued for copyright infringement for using photographer Glen Friedman’s pictures of the Beastie Boys to make derivative artistic works, some of the photographs and accused infringing works are reproduced ...

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post image Developing IP Economies: Argentina from

While Argentina’s economy hit a low point in 2002, the country has rebounded with growth in each year since.  Argentina even made a strong comeback after the 2008 global recession.  Geographically situated between two ...

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post image Litigating IP in the General Court: can anyone help? from

Counsel are required to attend
the General Court properly attired
Last week, in the Official Journal of the European Union no. L68 of 7 March 2012, a document was published under the title "Practice directions ...

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post image Allowing multiple claim styles may fill IPO coffers;increase understanding of the invention from

In a previous post, I had discussed a Controller's decision, where the Controller had made certain  observations regarding an applicant's attempts to amend claims before a certain date. This post suggests two specific ...

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post image Giant hobbit threat to student drinkers from

Until today the IPKat had little idea how many IP practitioners and enthusiasts, irrespective of their professional calling, nationality, age, race and sex, were devoted to hobbits. He has however been deluged with texts, tweets ...

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When Tilda had to rescue ‘Basmati’ from a Thai corporation from

Sometime ago IPKat had carried this interesting post on a decision of the General Court sitting in Luxembourg, in the case of Tilda Riceland Pvt. Ltd. v. Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market ...

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Digital Breakdown – Musicians Get Paid For Their Copyrights from

TweetBy Daniel Davidson Earlier this year, I reported on an issue that had been popping up more and more in the intergalactic battle of musicians and the music moguls.  The issue was over the royalty...


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Twin Creeks Technologies' invention for halving the cost of solar cells from

The MIT Technology Review published today an interesting article about Twin Creeks Technologies, a startup company that has an invention that they claim halves the cost of silicon solar cells. The...

(From Steve van Dulken ...

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Making it Easier to Get a Patent from

Contrary to popular belief, things are getting much better in business methods. Applications filed in 1999 had prosecution times of over 10 years (lower green arrow). These and subsequent applications jammed up the system leading ...

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Zakta from

The creator of Zakta hopes that it will become the future of search engines. Zakta lets you control your searching behavior and offers tools to edit, create, save and share your search results. IPBiz notes ...

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The Next Generation of WIPS Global: WIPS Global ADVANCED – Part 2 from

The WIPS Global Intellogist Report has been fully updated, and the big news is that a new system, WIPS Global ADVANCED, will be replacing WIPS Global version 4 by March 2013.  Last week we looked ...

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Steven Chu to Scientific American on biofuels on 7 March 2012 from

In the interview, Energy Secretary Chu noted:

Another company is using photosynthetic bacteria and swapping whole genomes and metabolic pathways. It generates long alkane chains that are the immediate precursors to diesel fuel. It's ...

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WHO Under Siege By Private Sector, Group Asserts from

The World Health Organization is under siege by private sector forces using their financial leverage to gain undue influence in the financially beleaguered United Nations agency, a developing country-oriented group has said. Related Articles:

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European Commission defines FRAND abuse more broadly than German courts do from

The European Commission's clearance decision on Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility (MMI) contains a variety of interesting facts and opinions. Yesterday I commented on what the document says about settlement talks between ...

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Oracle-Google trial to start on April 16, 2012 from

Judge William Alsup just entered an order setting April 16, 2012 as the definitive trial date for Oracle v. Google at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Originally, trial was ...

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US Aims to Boost Its Efforts Against Overseas Infringers from

US President Barack Obama wants the country’s Justice Department to get by with a bit less money next fiscal year – but not when it comes to prosecuting overseas infringers of American IP rights. Related ...

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Oral Argument on Tribal Land? from

The Federal Circuit will be coming to Colorado this fall to hear oral arguments as part of its mandate to periodically sit somewhere outside of Washington, D.C.  A small percentage of the cases on ...

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Discovery foreseen in a comic? from

What happens when one searches the web for prior art, and finds it, in a comic/movie?

"Towards the end of my research I searched the Web using the mineral's chemical formula, sodium lithium ...

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Professor Vaver awarded the 2012 Pattishall Medal for Teaching Excellence from

We are pleased to announce that our very own Professor David Vaver, Professor of Intellectual Property at Osgoode Hall Law School and IP Osgoode Member, is the recipient of the 2012 Pattishall Medal for Teaching ...

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Why I’m Not Writing An Article About The Yahoo! v Facebook Patent Case Yet from

In case you haven’t heard, Yahoo! sued Facebook for infringement of ten of its patents.  Electronic court records have yet to be updated, but Yahoo! helpfully provided a copy of the complaint to the ...

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