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post image Monday miscellany from

Around the weblogs. The jiplp weblog carries a list of seven recent intellectual property law titles that are in need of a review. If you feel that you would be the ideal reviewer, get in ...

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post image The Ultimate watchmakers case: passing off leads to a ticking off from

Yes, the cat is woolly , but ... Currently without a wristwatch, this Kat has discovered how sociable it can be to discover what the time is by asking everyone around if they can kindly tell him ...

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post image Breaking News: India's First Compulsory License Granted! from

The much awaited Bayer vs Natco compulsory licensing (CL) order in relation to Bayer's patented anti cancer drug (Nexavar) is finally out. Controller General Kurian issued the order on 9th March 2012, but it ...

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post image No more indulgence for mess-about defendants, says Court of Appeal from

This action has been going on for
so long, this is what men's tennis
fashions looked like when it began
Delay is not the way. In Fred Perry (Holdings) Ltd v Brands Plaza Trading ...

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post image Measuring Innovation: Alternative Patent Statistics from

The number of patent applications filed per year in a given country is one of the most commonly used indices of innovation.  It’s an effective measure because it removes the vagaries of patent offices ...

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post image Looking for something? Last week's Katposts from

"Looking for something?"  This post gives you a chance to check what you've missed on this weblogs (apart from the usual Monday, Wednesday and Friday features, that is). There's a poll on the ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

March 14-15, 2012 - Biotech Patenting (C5) - Munich, Germany March 20-21, 2012 - FDA Boot Camp*** (American Conference Institute) - New York, NY March 26-27, 2012 - PTO Procedures under the America Invents Act*** (American Conference Institute) - New York ...

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Genetic Heterogeneity in Tumor Samples May Explain Difficulties in Developing Personalized Medicine from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The promise of an era of "personalized medicine" has been pursued for a generation, being one of the rationales for and purported benefits of the Human Genome Project. It has become ...

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Aspiring Patent Troll Yahoo Shakes Down Facebook from

TweetOn the eve of Facebook’s heralded IPO, Yahoo is trying to shake down Facebook, demanding payment for infringement of 10-20 of its patents. Yahoo and Facebook had been buddy-buddy until...


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More Cybersquatting on the Horizon with Launch of New gTLDs from

On January 12, 2012, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, more commonly known simply as ICANN, began accepting applications for new gTLDs. Until March 29, 2011, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and communities around the ...

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"Fish sometimes don't take care with what they eat, because their brains are not very smart" from

Eberhard Frey, a paleozoologist at the State Natural History Museum in Karlsruhe, Germany, discussing a fossil of a fish eating a winged dinosaur:

"These animals normally have nothing to do with each other. Apparently these ...

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How Startups Should Plan For Patent Enforcement Costs from

A few days ago, as covered on GametimeIP, a UK inventor Michael Wilcox burned his patent in protest over the failure of the patent system to provide realistic protection from appropriation of his invention by ...

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PTO Proposed Rules: Changes to Implement Transitional Program for Covered Business Method Patents from

Next in our series on the PTO Federal Register notices relating to the implementation of the America Invents Act ("AIA"), today we will take a look at Changes to Implement Transitional Program for Covered Business ...

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Love it or leave it: Thin Mints, Brownies, and other Girls Scouts’ trademarks from

Today, the Girl Scouts will celebrate their 100th birthday. The Girl Scouts use some great trademarks! While the Girl Scouts name itself may be descriptive or a little weak (at least originally, before it was ...

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Wall Street Discovers Patents from

Experts Gather in SF for IP-Finance Forum Patents, abstract and esoteric, remain largely a mystery to those on Wall Street. At the same time, the financial community’s perspective on IP value, grounded in the ...

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Trademark Filings Reach Record High; Industrial Designs Climb As Well from

International trademark applications filed in 2011 reached a record high of 42,270 applications and a year-on-year growth of 6.5 per cent as businesses resolved to protect their brands despite last year's shaky ...

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Sara Blakely and her Spanx® underwear invention from

Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx® underwear, has quickly become a dollar billionaire -- and much of it is due to her smart use of intellectual property. The Spanx website is fun and colourful and...

(From ...

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Bagel beef from

UPI reports:

Andrew Greenbaum, who lives in Boca Raton, is suing The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. for allegedly claiming it had a water treatment system that would transform water anywhere just like the New ...

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Apple streamlines ITC case against Samsung, drops one entire patent and 15 claims of two other patents from

Last week I reported on Apple's claim construction victory over Samsung at the ITC. Apple had originally asserted five patents. Claim construction is only an intermediate step of U.S. patent litigation (including ITC ...

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Declaratory Judgment Plaintiff and Stays Pending Reexamination from

In Interwoven, Inc. v. Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (Case No. C 10-04645 RS, Northern District of California), Judge Richard Seeborg was less than persuaded by Interwoven’s attempt to obtain a stay after filing an ...

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British Telecom withdraws triple damages claim and certain allegations against Google to avoid delay from

In December, British Telecom sued Google in the District of Delaware, alleging the infringement of six BT patents by various Google services and Android.

Google had until February 21 to respond to BT's complaint ...

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On providing attribution from

From the post titled Content Linking on the Internet – Attribution or Plagiarism?

(...) a site called Curator’s Code. The site aims to create “a system for honoring the creative and intellectual labor of information discovery ...

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Daubert Motion granted on Price Erosion opinion from

In ruling on motions in limine, Judge Barrera in the CDCA granted a motion to exclude expert testimony on price erosion where the expert opinion was apparently lacking in foundational basis.  The Plaintiff’s damages ...

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European Commission document confirms Apple refused to grant Motorola a portfolio cross-license from

Through a Bloomberg article I became aware of the fact that the European Commission's clearance decision on Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility (MMI) has just been published and that it makes reference ...

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India Grants First Compulsory Licence, For Bayer Cancer Drug from

In a move welcomed by the international community, India has granted an application, its first, from a homegrown generic drug maker to manufacture and sell a patented cancer drug under a compulsory licence. Related Articles ...

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Yahoo! takes it up a notch or three from

News reports this evening that Yahoo’s boredom threshold with Facebook has quickly been reached as Yahoo went legal in California and Facebook complained that Yahoo had not tried hard enough to be nice first ...

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Costa Rican President Tells ICANN Of Concerns Over Internet Restrictions from

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla opened the 43rd meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in San Jose with concern about “attempts to regulate the network among which we have the ...

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National Export Initiative Second Anniversary from

This week marks the second anniversary of the National Export Initiative (NEI), established by President Obama with the ambitious goal of doubling U.S. exports by 2014. The United States Patent and Trademark Office plays ...

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Videos of Appellate Arguments from

The regionals for the Giles S. Rich moot court competition will take place this coming weekend in Houston, Boston, Chicago, and Silicon Valley.  If you are a student competing in the competition, you might want ...

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Indian Supreme Court to Rule on Gleevac Patent from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- One of the signal achievements of late 20th Century trade diplomacy was the ratification of the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), and specifically the Trade-related ...

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