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post image Friday fantasies from

"Hmm. I wonder if I have
a cause of action against
DC Comics ..."
Let's not call it "old news" but rather "recent history". The "it" in question is the copyright and trade mark infringement ...

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post image The Cost of Knowledge from

This Kat sometimes wonders whether there is anything new under the sun, or whether history is simply a series of endless recapitulations.

The IPKat has just noticed the campaign The Cost of Knowledge, which calls ...

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post image Top 5: Upcoming IP Events from

2012 is already shaping up as a great year for IP conferences.  Meeting up with people from around the world, and discussing your views on IP and patent research, is an exciting way to learn ...

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post image “Circle R” trademarks from

The trademark registration symbol is commonly referred to a the “circle-R.”   ®  There are actually a lot of registered trademarks that feature R in a circle. Some of them are no doubt intentional references to the ...

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Lowland Gorilla Genome Sequenced from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- This week's edition of Nature contains the results of the latest (and last) of the "genome" projects for members of the Homini (humans and their closest primate ancestors): Gorilla gorilla ...

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Guest Post: A jurisdictional 'googly' from the Madras High Court from

Arun Mohan, an IP lawyer practising before the Madras High Court has sent us this very interesting post which examines a judgment of the Madras High Court that has a significant impact on the issue ...

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General Patent Corp. v. Wi-LAN: To What Extent Can In-House Counsel Be Restrained from Working for Competitors? from

Guest post by John Marsh, attorney with Hahn Loeser.  The following post originally appeared on John’s Blog, Trade Secret Litigator.  Law360 is reporting that General Patent Corporation (GPC) is appealing an opinion denying its ...

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Golf Swing Patent Application Denied by IPO from

In July of 2008, William Kostuj filed an international patent application titled “Method Of Forming A Golf Swing And Equipment”. The UK Intellectual Property Office [IPO] has denied the application that sought to patent a ...

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Using U.S. Copyright Law to Get Removed from from is one of those sites on the Internet that is the poster-child for everything wrong with the Internet and the anonymous communications that are so commonplace. The Internet is the refuge for cowards ...

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Oracle offers withdrawal of three more patents in exchange for spring trial against Google from

Oracle amd Google just responded to Judge William Alsup's February 24 order to comment on the status of the reexaminations of its five remaining (out of originally seven) patents-in-suit. Oracle has not yet dropped ...

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Dyk v. Taranto, Dewsnup v. Timm from

It is interesting to note that while in private practice Federal Circuit Judge Timothy Dyk and Federal Circuit nominee Richard Taranto faced off at the Supreme Court in the case of Dewsnup v. Timm.  The ...

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup from

Hi everyone, here's a look at the foreign filing/patent law news from the week of March 5, 2012: Women patent holders are on the rise! These female entrepreneurs have a story to tell ...

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Apple brings in 73 Korean-American contract attorneys and 20 reviewers to sift through tons of Samsung documents from

Apple is facing a huge challenge in dealing with truckloads of Korean-language documents produced by Samsung in two federal lawsuits in California and two ITC investigations. There's a substantial risk for Apple that it ...

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NDTX finds that Marking turns on what claims at issue in trial, not earlier asserted from

Two months ago, this blog did a write-up on the Mformation case , which held that pre-suit damages could be waived for failure to mark if apparatus claims were asserted in conjunction with method claims, even ...

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Comparing USPTO's New Post-Grant Processes and Associated Costs to EPO's from

This is the first in a series of blogs we'll use to explore aspects of USPTO's proposed rules implementing the America Invents Act (AIA). We'll focus on aspects of our proposed rules ...

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The value of the "Rutgers" brand; Christie calls Brown an idiot from

From NewJerseyNewsroom: Calling Brown an “idiot” as an after-thought, the Governor shot back in true Chris Christie-style, "Let me tell you something after you graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a ...

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How to Rescue a Patent That Expired for Failure to Pay Maintenance Fees from

TweetBy: Mark R. Malek You may recall that my last article, was directed to the requirement to pay maintenance fees in order to keep your patent alive.  As was discussed in that article, maintenance...


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