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post image Patents: dead, broken -- or just not working perfectly? from

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is celebrating the good news that, despite difficult economic conditions, Patent Cooperation Treaty international filings set a new record in 2011 with 181,900 applications – that's 10.7 ...

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post image Trademark applicants beware from

Recently the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a warning to all trademark applicants regarding “Non-USPTO Solicitations that Resemble Official USPTO Communications.”

The trademark office warned that companies not affiliated with the USPTO were ...

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post image Same sentence, different meaning from

How can the meaning of a patent disclosure change when none of the words change? When the claims have been amended so that the invention is no longer the same. This clever argument, advanced by ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

From one of the IPKat's readers comes a request for information which requires some crowd-sourcing Kat-style. He writes:
 "A few days ago I was at the Ludlow local produce market where I bought a ...

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post image Guest Post: A landmark judgement on 'parallel imports' under the Trade Mark Act, 1999 from

Arun Mohan, an upcoming IP lawyer from Chennai, who has previously blogged for us over here and here, has sent us the following guest post analysing the recent judgement of the Delhi High Court in ...

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post image Apple iTV Trademark Infringement from

Apple has been cooking up a new TV-like product for a while, and it’s been coming closer and closer to fruition.  Steve Jobs announced “iTV” a while ago, although it has not been launched ...

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post image Graph Off from

GraphOn had patents on network database transaction valuable enough for MySpace to get the jump with a DJ action. craigslist and Fox Network piled in. These upstanding companies had enough credibility with the district court ...

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post image Recent trademark registrations XXX from

With so many topics to write about lately, it has been a while since I posted a  sampling of recent registrations our clients have received from the USPTO. Here is another update of recent client ...

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USPTO Establishes Visiting Professionals Program and Announces First Visiting Professional from

By Donald Zuhn -- In February, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced the establishment of the Thomas Alva Edison Visiting Professionals Program, which is designed to tap into the expertise of distinguished IP professionals ...

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Samsung's new lawsuit against Apple in South Korea: no détente between those two companies from

Just the morning after Dow Jones Newswires reported that Apple made licensing offers to Samsung and Motorola (I'll comment on that in my next post), it becomes known that Samsung brought a new lawsuit ...

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US Congressman Posts ACTA For Open Debate from

A United States congressional representative has posted the text of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) to the internet and is calling for public comments out of the fear that the agreement will harm the ...

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Are Nominet decisions the last word in domain name disputes? from

What are the chances of a British court getting to review a domain name panel decision? Last June, in Michael Toth v Emirates [2011] EWPCC 18, Judge Birss QC (Patents County Court, England and Wales ...

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Another Smart Move From Microsoft’s Patent Licensing Group from

This past September, Canadian patent licensing company MOSAID acquired 400 patent families from Nokia through a purchase of Core Wireless S.a.r.l.  The purchase netted MOSAID 2000 total patents, of which more than ...

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Study Seeks To Correct Flaws In Europe’s Copyright Levy System from

A recent study has proposed at least two measures to address the gnawing problems in Europe's copyright levy system, which is being implemented differently in 22 countries in the region. Related Articles:

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Apple reportedly offered license deals to Samsung and Motorola -- but differentiation remains key from

Today's Wall Street Journal reports that, "according to people familiar with the matter", Apple "has put forth proposals to Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. to settle some pending litigation in exchange ...

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Berlin Court Rules Facebook Violates User Rights from

The District Court of Berlin, Germany, yesterday ruled that user rights were violated by several parts of social media site Facebook's general terms and conditions and by its "friendfinder" feature. With regard to copyright ...

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Voice recognition in Apple's 4G phones from

Apple has been advertising on TV its new 4G phones with users asking questions like "will I need an umbrella tonight" and "where is my brother", where voice recognition (and some clever software to...

(From ...

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Are the Smartphone Patent Wars Giving Patents a Bad Rap? from

So who is the villain in all of these wars responsible for again giving patents a bad rap? Well, the villain in not the ITC, USPTO or any U.S. government agency. Nor it is ...

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TMview: Search for Trademarks Across Multiple European IP Offices from

Professional trademark searchers at Landon IP need resources beyond US-only trademark search platforms (like TESS, TMQuest, and Trademarkia). Professionals are often asked to perform global trademark searches, and they utilize subscription based platforms that will ...

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Apple wins claim construction battle against Samsung at the ITC from

On May 31, the ITC will commence its evidentiary hearing on Apple's ITC complaint against Samsung. In that investigation, five technical patents and two design patents are at issue.

Yesterday, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ ...

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Featured Researcher: Veera R. from

This week’s featured researcher is Veera R. from New Delhi, India.  He’s a senior IP consultant with a BE in Electronics and Communication from the University of Madras and a Masters in Software ...

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Inovia Launches New Webinar Series from

  Did you know that inovia now hosts educational webinars? These presentations range in topics, including international patenting strategy and cost-effective foreign filing. To register for an upcoming live presentaiton or view a list of available ...

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A High-Level Collegium Calls For New Global Governance from

A collegium of scientists, philosophers and former heads of state launched an appeal yesterday in Geneva for world governance they called "Global Solidarity, Global Responsibility." Related Articles:

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A Patent Bigfoot? The Mythical First Action Allowances DO Exist! from

Top 50 Law Firms with the most first action allowances according to PatentCore data. But where are these first action allowances coming from? All over the Patent Office really. They occur with plants (1661), organic ...

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