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post image That sinking feeling: will Titanic copyright claim go down without a trace? from

From the 'I don't believe it department', this Kat brings you news that on 10 February 2012 a lady by the name of Princess Samantha Kennedy, of Imperial Beach, California, filed an action against ...

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post image America's new patent law: will it fly or will it flop? from

"Is it a bird, is it a plane ..?"  There can be few readers who do not, on reading these words, think instantly of comic-book and later screen hero Superman making his dramatic entry. But behind ...

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US, WIPO IP Summit In Africa Postponed from

A training programme on intellectual property organised by the United States with several partners to be held in Africa in April has been postponed under pressure to make the programme more transparent and representative of ...

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Is there a Systematic Denial of Due Process at the USPTO? from

After my presentation, as you might expect, I was approached by a number of patent attorneys. Story after story it was the same thing I have heard from so many others — depressing tales of not ...

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CBS "Sunday Morning" on February 26, 2012 from

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for February 26, 2012. Tonight is Oscar night. Could the movie theater be facing its very end? Tracy Smith does the cover story on this question. Second, Lee Cowan on ...

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Guest Post: Is There Knowledge from

We are pleased to bring to our readers a guest piece by Sooraj K Abraham, on the standard of 'knowledge' in copyright infringement cases online. In this piece he suggests an alternate system to screen ...

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Advancing Examination of a Patent Application Out of Turn from

TweetBy: Mark R. Malek As many of our readers know, there is a somewhat significant backlog in patent examination right now. For example, the average time to get a patent allowed now is about 33...


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A ruling in Dickstein Shapiro/Encyclopedia Britannica malpractice matter from

On February 2, 2012, U.S. District Judge John D. Bates (D DC) dismissed a breach of fiduciary duty claim against Dickstein Shapiro in the case brought by Encyclopedia Britannica. The negligence claim remains.

See ...

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Umbrella cockatoo does cameo in story of "identity theft"/fake income tax refunds from

CBS Nightly News on 26 Feb. 2012 showed an umbrella cockatoo in its piece on (fraudulent) tax refunds done by Pete Williams, titled "Securing your refund." Tax thieves are going after your money by filing ...

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"60 Minutes" on February 26, 2012: going to extremes from

Special episode on "Going to Extremes."

Flying at 140 miles per hour ("The Birdmen"). Separately, rock climbing (free soloing) by Alex Honnold. Separately, great white sharks.

Steve Kroft did the story on "The Birdmen." The ...

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Mentalist on 26 Feb. 2012 recycled from 13 Oct 2011 from

The "Ring Around the Rosie" episode first aired on October 13, 2011. The character "Luther Wainwright" is introduced, and Luther has a different view of dealing with criminals than does Patrick. Wainright observes Jane shows ...

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Patents for the Public Good from

After a brief summary of the AIA , I wish to direct attention to the history and future of patent policy. In September 2012, United States patent reform legislation goes into effect. (The “America Invents Act ...

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SpicyIP Event: Global Pharma Regulatory Summit India 2012, Mumbai from

This is a gentle reminder for those of you interested in pharma regulation, from the same folks who organised the Pharma IPR Summit recently. The organisers send us the following details. You can also click ...

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