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post image Six of the Best: the IP Hall of Fame inductees for 2012 from

The IP Hall of Fame, a brainchild of Intellectual Asset Management, has just announced its fresh list of inductees for 2012. Usually there are just five, but since there was a tie for one of ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

ACTA: the Slovakian position.  Slovakia is one of the EU Member States that has not signed ACTA. That country has however held its first public exchange of views on the controversial agreement at a conference ...

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post image Breaking news: Sky's no limit for Karen Murphy from

This Kat has just been listening to a BBC Radio 4 interview with pub landlady Karen Murphy, in the wake of the announcement that she has now obtained a court ruling in her favour.  According ...

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post image Top 5: Essential Apps for Researchers from

Great Researchers know that you can find prior art anywhere.  That’s why you should be prepared for inspiration to strike at any time!  These mobile apps are perfect for on-the-fly patent research.  Whether you ...

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post image Why suggestive brand names are the best from

Choosing a brand name is one of the most important components in launching a new product, service , or company. Brand names can be descriptive, telling consumers exactly what it is being sold. Examples: CARTOON NETWORK ...

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Fracking shows up on "Person of Interest" from

"Person of Interest" on 23 Feb 2012 involved stock manipulations of a company called Tritak, which was in the gas pipeline construction business. In the storyline, the bad guys (an investment guy (Paul Ashton) and ...

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Heroin vaccine patented? from


Researchers at the country's [Mexico's] National Institute of Psychiatry say they have successfully tested the vaccine on mice and are preparing to test it on humans.

The vaccine, which has ...

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SpicyIP Event: India IP & Innovation Forum, 28 Feb 2012, New Delhi from

By way of a reminder to all those of you interested, James Nurton, the Managing editor of Managing IP sends us a note about the India IP & Innovation Forum. You can also click through the ...

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"Ultimately the character we created is an invention" from

Kobi Libii on the character "Jay Bennett", meant as Jayson Blair, in the play CQ/CX: "ultimately the character we created is an invention, based on him but not intended to be some biographical representation ...

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Facebook and the Federal Circuit from

I could easily be wrong about this; but, it looks like the court will soon hear its first oral argument concerning Facebook.  The appeal is Leader Tech v. Facebook and the oral argument is scheduled ...

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Motorola forces Apple to deactivate iCloud and MobileMe push notifications for German customers from

Last night, Apple posted some new information (in German) to its German support knowledge base, informing customers using the iCloud or MobileMe push email service in Germany of the need to pull their email manually ...

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Make it in Great Britain from

The British Government has launched a Make it in Great Britain website. It is a "campaign aiming to transform outdated opinions of modern manufacturing and dispel the myth that Britain ‘doesn’t make...

(From Steve ...

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The Pulse Of IP In International Pharma Today from

High-level policymakers, industry leaders, law professors and other stakeholders came together in Geneva recently to discuss the how the role of intellectual property is evolving when it comes to developing, protecting, and providing medicines. Related ...

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"We go where the technology leads us" from

See the Reuters post by Gary M. Stern titled Solazyme shoots high with algae makeover noting:

It was a busy year for Solazyme in 2011, one which saw an IPO floated in May and shares ...

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IPad trademark dispute from

Reporting on a trademark dispute over "ipad," the Chicago Tribune reports:

Proview accuses Apple of creating a special purpose entity -- IP Application Development Ltd., or IPAD, -- to buy the iPad name from it, concealing Apple ...

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Motion to German Parliament: No patentability for agricultural livestock and plants from

On 17 January 2012, the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP and Bündnis 90/die Grünen parliamentary parties submitted a joint motion to the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag). This provides for a prohibition on patents for conventionally ...

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup from

Hi everyone, here's a look at the foreign filing/patent law news from the week of February 20, 2012: The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has entered into a Patent Prosecution Highway ...

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WHO Resolution Intended to Address Global Counterfeit Drug Market from

On January 21, the WHO 130th WHO Executive Board (EB) adopted a resolution for agenda item 6.13 “substandard/spurious/falsely-labelled/falsified/counterfeit medical products” [SFFC]. The resolution is intended to address the growing prevalence ...

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Exclusive Interview: Trademark Commissioner Cohn Part 2 from

On February 3, 2012, I had the pleasure of interviewing Deborah Cohn, the Commissioner for Trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Part 1 of the interview was published yesterday. What follows is ...

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Judge may postpone Oracle-Google trial in light of patent reexaminations from

Yesterday I wrote that the patent part of Oracle's patent and copyright infringement case against Google appears to have reached a tipping point with the USPTO's preliminary rejection of all of the asserted ...

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New IP Hall of Fame Members from

Several years ago, Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Magazine started the Intellectual Property Hall of Fame. Each year, the organization requests nominations from the public and then asks members of its IP Hall of Fame Academy ...

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AIPLA’s Q. Todd Dickinson to be Inducted in IP Hall of Fame from

AIPLA is proud to announce that Executive Director Q. Todd Dickinson will be inducted into the IP Hall of Fame for 2012. The IP Hall of Fame was created in 2006 by Intellectual Asset Management ...

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PTO Proposed Rules: Practice Guide for Proposed Trial Rules from

Next on the list of PTO Federal Register notices relating to the implementation of the America Invents Act ("AIA") is the Practice Guide for Proposed Trial Rules.The AIA establishes four new trial proceedings to ...

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Supporting IP: A Global Challenge and Responsibility from

Guest blog by Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rea

As some of you may know, USPTO’s responsibilities under the American Inventor’s Protection Act (AIPA) include advising the president and other federal agencies on international ...

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C.N.R. Rao: "This should not be really considered as plagiarism" from

On the matter of C.N.R. Rao's copying [
C.N.R. Rao involved in copying matter
], Rao noted:

"This should not be really considered as plagiarism, but an instance of copying of a ...

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28th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar from

The Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Associations will be holding their 28th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar on April 17, 2012 in New York, NY. The seminar will consist of ...

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