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post image Delays, drafts and distinguished discussants: the unitary patent moves on from

The AmeriKat prefers keyboards
to chairs for naptime - not only are they
warmer but they are sure to be required for
use  by someone (which makes them
all the more desirable)
Last week the AmeriKat ...

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post image ACTA to be sent for judicial scrutiny: a Commissioner speaks from

Karel De Gucht A press release today from the European Commission is destined to buy time for the European Union's decision to opt for ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement: full text here) while political spin ...

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post image Whizzkid's Handbook temporarily confiscated from

On Friday, the IPKat welcomed the appearance of a new EPO publication - the Handbook of Quality Procedures before the EPO
The IPKat was then kindly alerted by Fiona Mercey, an Ingénieur brevets with DPI Air ...

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post image Article One Collaborates with Thomson Reuters on LTE Research from

This week, Article One and Thomson Reuters unveiled findings from a joint study of LTE patent portfolios.  AOP and Thomson Reuters underwent a patent review process looking at all 3,116 patents and pending patents ...

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post image Featured Researcher: RonVParsons from

RonVParsons, from Warren, Oregon, is a product management professional for computer manufacturers.  He has a Masters Degree from MIT and knows many computer languages ranging from BASIC to C++.  While he has no previous experience ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

A Finnish Top Dog ... For those love of statistics is only surpassed by their passion for trivia, the IPKat can recommend no better read than the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011: the Innovation Union's performance ...

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post image Adult fun, childish threats: Wild allegations of trade mark infringement from

As some readers will know, this Kat is a fan of Madonna's music and is looking forward to hearing her new album MDNA. She was rather surprised then to read about a tale involving ...

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post image The TKDL ‘free access’ agreements with the EPO, JPO & USPTO: Subsidizing foreign patent offices? from

We recently managed to get our hands on the ‘access agreements’ entered into between CSIR and the EPO, JPO & USPTO for the right to use the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL). The access agreements can ...

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Biotech/Pharma Licensing News from

By Kwame Mensah -- Last month, Castle Biosciences Inc., a Friendswood, Texas-based corporation specializing in rare cancer molecular diagnostics, announced that it had acquired an exclusive worldwide license to intellectual property covering a gene expression profiling ...

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The folding electrical plug from

Last Saturday's Daily Telegraph had an article announcing that "Britain's first folding plug" was going on sale that day, Folding 'Mu' plug launches in Britain. We are used to electrical devices...

(From Steve ...

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Indigenous Peoples Walk Out Of WIPO Committee On Genetic Resources from

The International Indigenous Forum, in an unprecedented collective move, decided yesterday to withdraw from the discussions of the WIPO Committee on Genetic Resources taking place from 14-22 February. The move calls into question the legitimacy ...

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After Apple, Microsoft also files an EU antitrust complaint against Motorola Mobility over FRAND abuse from

[DEVELOPING STORY -- still adding detail -- please check back later]

Less than a week after Apple's EU antitrust complaint against Motorola Mobility became publicly known, Microsoft has also filed formal competition charges against MMI with ...

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Where to Find the Latest Search News and Database Updates from

Search systems are changing constantly; just look at the recent updates to Compendex, Inspec, and PatBase.  How can you stay updated on the latest changes to both free and subscription search systems  for patent and ...

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CAFC Makes Murky Anticipation Ruling on Overlapped Process Ranges in ClearValue* from

In the recently issued case of ClearValue, Inc. v. Pearl River Polymers, Inc., Judge Moore, writing for the Federal Circuit panel, distinguished the holding in the 2006 case of Atofina v. Great Lakes Chemical Corp ...

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What are appropriate specimens for a Federal trademark registration? What is a specimen for trademark registration? from

TweetAccording to the USPTO: A specimen is a sample of how you actually use the mark in commerce on your goods or with your services. A specimen shows the mark as your purchasers encounter it ...

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Patent Examiner Positions Posted for Detroit Office from

In case anyone missed it in the comment thread below, the Office posted examiner positions for the new Detroit office yesterday. There are openings listed for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. Both postings are open until ...

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Suffolk Law Event from

by Dennis Crouch On Friday (2/24) I will be speaking at a Suffolk University Law School day-long patent law symposium. My panel will focus on patentable subject matter and will include commentary from Chief ...

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Trademark Solicitations from

Another day at work is over…another handful of client questions about solicitations they received via e-mail or postal mail regarding trademark related services offered for sale. I tell them the same thing I always ...

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