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post image More hacked off? Mulcaire given leave to appeal from

 If mobile phones could talk,
all this could be avoided,
says Merpel This Kat was snuggled up yesterday afternoon with his noise-cancelling headphones listening to Baroness Wilcox and her team give evidence to the House ...

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post image Having a right doesn't make you right, says CJEU in design ruling from

In what has been a busy day for intellectual property enthusiasts in the Court of Justice of the European Union, there has even been that rarety of rareties, a registered Community design case.  It's ...

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post image Is the "inscrutable patent bar" unlikely to see a unitary patent agreement by June 2012? from

The House of Lords Wednesday afternoons and unitary patent reform are beginning to be an all too common event for the patent lawyers amongst us, and especially for Baroness Wilcox (Minister of State, Department of ...

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post image Renewal scams and useless registers: can you help? from

Many a children's tale ends thrillingly when the Knight in Shining Armour comes to rescue the Damsel in Distress -- but it doesn't often happen that the Knight who is riding to the rescue ...

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post image A Study in Scarlet as Court imposes blanket ban on blanket filters -- again from

Netlog, formerly known as Facebox: now, why would they
want to change a nice, catchy name like that ...?
Today it was once again the turn of the Third Chamber of the Court of Justice of ...

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post image United by an AdWord, divided by a common language: Austria, Germany and Wintersteiger from

What the IPKat doesn't like
about skiiing: once you've
reached the top,
the only way is down
If you thought that the stream of AdWord cases which has flowed through the European Union ...

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The USPTO’s Proposed Fees: Understanding Context and Keeping Sight of the Big Picture from

Guest Post by Rick D. Nydegger. Mr. Nydegger is the former Chair of the Patent Public Advisory Committee and a Past President of the AIPLA. The USPTO's release last week of its Proposed Patent ...

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The Unpredictability of Patent Litigation from

By Jason Rantanen In her article Predicting Patent Litigation, recently published in the Texas Law Review (and available here.), Professor Colleen Chien proposed a model for predicting which patents are most likely to be litigated ...

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Predicting Patent Litigation - A Response by Professor Chien from

In the preceding post, I highlighted two recent critiques of Professor Colleen Chien's recent article on predicting patent litigation. Below, Professor Chien responds to these critiques. - Jason By Colleen V. Chien, Assistant Professor of ...

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PTO Proposed Rules: Rules of Practice for Trials Before the PTAB and Judicial Review of PTAB Decisions from

Last week, we introduced a list of PTO Federal Register notices relating to the implementation of the America Invents Act ("AIA"). This post will present a break-down of the first item on that list, namely ...

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Inspec Updates: New Coverage, Cited References, and New Platforms! from

We’ve already looked at the highlights of the updated PatBase and Compendex Intellogist Reports, and now the Inspec Intellogist Report has been fully updated!  Inspec is a non-patent literature database produced by the  Institution ...

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New Article One Researcher Tools - A How-To from

As part of ongoing efforts to make the Article One website a more enriching experience for Researchers, we’re rolling out new tools for tracking research activity. Plain and simple: these tools will help you ...

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Proposed USPTO Fee Increases from

Have you looked over the USPTO’s proposed fee increases yet (which were submitted in accordance with the Leahy‐Smith America Invents Act)? Wow. Check out these changes: Design patent application filing/examination/search fees ...

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Registering a trade mark in bad faith from

Dodds-Streeton J has handed down what appears to be the first detailed judicial consideration in Australia of what constitutes making an application for a trade mark in bad faith contrary to s 62A. Sports Warehouse ...

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