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post image A note on Oxfirst from

I've just been reading the website of Oxfirst, which describes itself as "a boutique consulting firm specialized in the economic aspects of innovation". Oxfirst's Director is Dr Roya Ghafele, who is a contributor ...

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post image Does the DIPP need to revamp the Patent Office HR Policy? from

I’ve recently had a chance to glance through the recruitment and promotion rules for the staff at the Patent Office. A copy of these rules which were procured from the DIPP under the RTI ...

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post image Katonomics 11: Patent harmonisation and a little romance from

Many people do love
harmonisation --
especially when it's
on their own terms
Following last week's foray into the football transfer market, our very own Katonomist Dr Nicola Searle continues her mission to make ...

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post image What is obvious – the route or the destination? from

When this Kat was an IPKitten, he learnt that, in the case of a product claim defined structurally (as opposed to functionally), the approach taken by patent offices such as the EPO to the analysis ...

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post image Client success stories from

One of the great joys of working with hundreds of businesses over the years is watching them grow and do wonderful things. Recently several of our clients at Erik M. Pelton & Associates have been in ...

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post image Let's divide the internet! from

For those not familiar with internet meme's,
this is "Insanity Wolf', who as the name suggests,
does not always follow the sane means of achieving his goals. In a move that's could potentially ...

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post image Article One Partners Awards Research Community More Than $2 Million from

Today, Article One officially announced that the company has awarded more than $2 million in rewards to the AOP global research community.  We would like to thank our researchers for their dedication and high-quality research ...

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post image Pub football and the Kitchin sink ... from

It's not quite eleven-a-side, but the much-contested case of Football Association Premier League Ltd, NetMed Hellas SA, Multichoice Hellas SA, Union de Associations de Football, British Sky Broadcasting Limited, Setanta Sports SARL, Group Canal ...

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post image ECHR: It's those human rights again... or: Princess Caroline and her quest for privacy from

Yes, it's those human rights again.... but no Max Mosley is not involved - this time.

Since the early 1990s Princess Caroline of Monaco (now Princess Caroline of Hanover, left) has been trying – often through ...

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USPTO Extends PCT-PPH Programs with EPO & JPO from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last month, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that it was extending its Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program based on Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) work products (i.e., PCT-PPH ...

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Groups Call On Congress To Step Back From SOPA-Style Legislation from

Some 70 groups from across the social and political spectrum have sent a letter to the US Senate and House of Representatives calling for them to step back from any anti-piracy legislation until more consideration ...

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Crowdsourcing Patent Research: $2 Million in Reward Money from

Article One Partners (AOP), the world’s largest patent research community, earlier today announced that the company has achieved a significant milestone — more than $2 million dollars in financial incentives to its global research community ...

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Motorola likens its enforcement of FRAND patents to bank robbery: 'it only takes one bullet to kill' from

Patent litigation is full of surprises, but what I learned this afternoon is beyond belief. Based on what was said in open court today in Mannheim, Germany, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Motorola Mobility submitted an ...

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Federal Circuit Stays Relief Pending Appeal from

By Dennis Crouch Sciele Pharma v. Lupin (Fed. Cir. 2012) In a December 2011 order, the Delaware district court awarded preliminary injunctive relief to Sciele and Shionogi and forcing Lupin to stop selling generic versions ...

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Sobotong: Search for Non-Patent Literature in Multiple Languages and Formats Simultaneously from

Patent searchers need to be mindful to branch out past English-language patents during a prior art search.  Relavent prior art may come in any format and in any language, so searchers  need to utilize techniques ...

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USPTO Extends PPH with EPO and JPO from

On January 29, 2010, the USPTO entered into a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilot Program with its counterpart offices in Europe and Japan. Under the PPH program, Written Opinions or International Preliminary Examination Reports issued ...

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Copyright Infringement By Chrysler? from

By Daniel Davidson The Big Game (I will attempt to not use any of the words that you are banned from using in a commercial during football’s final event) does not just draw crowds ...

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Google's promise to honor Motorola's existing FRAND obligations must be specific or won't be an improvement from

A couple of hours after I learned that Motorola Mobility views standard-essential patents as a license to (literally) kill, I saw a Bloomberg report according to which Google "plans to send a letter to standards ...

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