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post image Monday miscellany Part 2 from

Westminster: before the Parliamentary
hot air melts the snow ...
The UK Parliament's House of Commons, in beautiful downtown Westminster, is having a debate tomorrow morning on the topic of "Intellectual property and its contribution ...

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post image Flexible from

Craig Thorner asserted his tactile feedback video game controller patent, 6,422,941, against Sony. New Jersey Chief Judge Garrett E. Brown, one of vast majority of dimwit corrupt judges on the Federal bench, wasn ...

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post image Developing IP Economies: Israel from

Israel is well-known as a hotbed of innovation within the global tech and start-up community.  The success of its innovative economy is even remarkable enough to have warranted the 2009 book, “Start-up Nation: The Story ...

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post image Tea and Sympathy? Baroness Wilcox's appearance before the Scrutiny Committee on the unitary patent proposals (Part II) from

Mr. Kelvin Hopkins MP Mr. Kelvin Hopkins MP turned to the question of the impact assessment and referred to the issue that the Committee had heard the previous week that the impact assessment was out ...

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post image Monday miscellany Part 1 from

That World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) survey.  If you've not yet completed the WIPO survey on Stakeholders' Perceptions, please do. It's a golden opportunity to tell the world's highest-profile intellectual property agency ...

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post image Super Bowl demonstrates the power of brand nostalgia from

After last year’s “big game,” I wrote a blog post titled “Super Bowl commercials demonstrate the power of brands.” Of course, that is still true. And as I have written before, no brand is ...

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post image Footy broadcasts online: the saga of Optus v Telstra from

Sports broadcasts are big business. As many readers will know, there are two main football codes in Australia. 'Aussie Rules' (sometimes referred to as 'aerial ping pong' due to the football going up and down ...

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Twenga Trademark Troubles from

Twenga, Societe Anomyme (“TSA”) owns the registration for the mark TWENGA in Canada, which was applied for in May 12, 2008 and registered on October 25, 2011. Prior to the issuance of TSA’s registration ...

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Can I Trademark a Sound? from

We hear them every day. The clip that plays before the radio show you listen to. The short sound before a movie or TV show you watch, linked inextricably with a logo or other item ...

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Perfect Storm is Set to Slam IP Rights, Holders from

Everyone Will Take a Hit Broad and largely unfounded disdain for intellectual property rights and holders has gone beyond bickering between operating companies and NPEs, or Hollywood (old economy) and Silicon Valley (new economy). It ...

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Court rules that copyright “first sale” doctrine does not apply to pre-installed software that was licensed to OEMs from

In United States copyright law, the “first sale” doctrine allows the purchaser of a lawfully-made copy of a copyrighted work to  transfer the copy by a subsequent sale, rental, or other means.  The first sale ...

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Interview with Joe Platnick of the Pasadena Angels from

This past holiday season, I had the opportunity to ask Joe Platnick of the Pasadena Angels a few questions about his group.  I want to thank Joe for taking time out of his busy schedule ...

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ITC staff presently unconvinced that Barnes & Noble violates three Microsoft patents from

Bloomberg reports that the ITC staff believes Barnes & Noble should not be held to violate any of three Microsoft patents at issue in an investigation that could otherwise lead to an import ban against the ...

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Failed attempt #7: Federal Circuit denies Google petition to exclude Lindholm email from

Perseverance doesn't always pay off. Google has tried -- but failed -- seven times to have a potentially damning piece of evidence, the "Lindholm email", hidden from the jury that will get together (possibly as early ...

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NDCA Addresses Pre-Trial Procedure for Streamlining Patent Marking Defense from

In Oracle America, Inc. v. Google Inc., No. C-10-03561 WHA (NDCA Jan. 31, 2012), Judge Alsup issued an order concerning a patent marking procedure that Oracle (plaintiff) and Google (defendant) on which the parties had ...

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Patent Mass Aggregators: The Giants Among Us from

The types of returns promised to investors and the types of benefits offered to participants are also quite different from garden-variety non-practicing entities, as are some of the tactics used in organizing the entities and ...

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Ideas are doomed to be rehashed? from

Within a story in the New Yorker on plagiarism:

Plagiarism was and remains a murky offense

Copying without attribution might seem clear, rather than murky.

And if ideas are doomed to be re-hashed, where does ...

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WHO Group To Consult On Pandemic Flu Framework In Lead-Up To Assembly from

A key World Health Organization advisory group has invited stakeholders to consultations this month on the contribution of the private sector and others to global pandemic flu preparedness. Related Articles:

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Judge Wallach Hears First Oral Argument as a Federal Circuit Judge from

The Federal Circuit’s newest member, Circuit Judge Evan Wallach, took part in his first oral argument as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit today.  Chief Judge Rader ...

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BPAI unreasonable interpretation cryptographic processor from

Takeaway: The Examiner rejected a method claim for a cryptographic system as anticipated by a system including a graphics processor. According to the Examiner, the step of "invoking an interrupt using the cryptographic processor" read ...

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