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post image The IPKat from

This new guest Kat was hoping to find something really exciting to blog about for his first proper post. He thought he had found it when he read with interest the item posted by the ...

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post image Creative Chipotle ad references “Super Big… Professional Football Bowl Game” from

Of course, the NFL might not think it is a creative as I do! I snapped this picture recently at my local Chiptole® restaurant.  The NFL is notoriously vigorous – some would say overly so – in ...

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post image NFL Trademark Use a no-no from

Every year, about this time, businesses are unexpectedly sued for using two seemingly harmless words: “Super Bowl”. Any advertising, promotion or announcement that is not sanctioned by the National Football League is subject to swift ...

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post image ESAB: The EPO's new advisory board from

The EPO has recruited an expert group of eleven advisors to sit on a newly-minted advisory council, to be known as the Economic and Social Advisory Board, or ESAB.

The purpose of ESAB is to ...

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post image Mobius Claim from

6,879,830 goes to "a method for handing over a link between" base stations for a mobile phone. Actually, the claims are of an apparatus - the mobile device (i.e., station), where a claimed ...

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post image Samsung and the EU from

In my last post I discussed the ongoing litigations between Apple and Samsung, specifically in relation to  standards-essential patents. It has now been announced that the EU Commission has launched a formal investigation into the ...

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post image 'Practice-directions' and Anton Piller orders in 'software piracy' cases from

Manupatra Intellectual Property Review (MIPR), in its October issue, published one of my articles, critiquing the ex-parte orders that are issued by the Delhi High Court in copyright and trademark infringement cases. The article focuses ...

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post image Inventions "get on the shelf" at Walmart from

As a patent attorney in Erie County I often get asked, "how can I get my products on the shelf in Walmart?" Shelf space is like real estate and every inch inside the store has ...

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PPAC to Hold Public Hearings on Proposed Fee Schedule from

By Donald Zuhn -- On Monday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a notice in the Federal Register (77 Fed. Reg. 4509) announcing that the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC) will be holding two ...

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Judge Posner wants Apple and Motorola to 'winnow' more patents out of Chicago litigation from

On Tuesday (January 31, 2012), Circuit Judge Posner, who is serving by designation on the United States District Court for the Northern district of Illinois to preside over an Apple v. Motorola Mobility lawsuit, entered ...

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SolarLite road studs and Cats Eyes® from

Cats Eyes® reflective road studs have been around since the 1930s, but SolarLite road studs use solar power to improve on them by providing permanent lights, and not reflected light. The story goes...

(From Steve ...

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Copyright or Kopimism? from

After a little over a year and two failed attempts, the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency of Sweden (Kammarkollegiat) finally officially approved an application in January made by 19-year-old Swedish philosophy student Isak Gerson ...

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Exclusive Interivew Part 2: USPTO Deputy Director Teresa Rea from

Part 2 of my interview with Deputy Under Secretary Rea picks up with discussion of the America Invents Act. We generally discussed the rulemaking process, the fact that the post-grant proposed rules are a bit ...

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Another Indian Generics Company Signs With Patent Pool from

A leading supplier of generic antiretroviral medicines has signed an agreement to manufacture new HIV medicines for sale in developing countries, the Medicines Patent Pool announced today. Related Articles:

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Marshall Phelps Addresses the LES IP100 Executive Forum from

On January 31st, Article One board member Marshall Phelps addressed a dinner crowd at this year’s LES IP100 Executive Forum.  His speech covered new developments and tools for IP management in the current global ...

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CAFC vacates decision of Garrett Brown, DNJ from

The outcome of Craig Thorner v. Sony, et al.:

Craig Thorner and Virtual Reality Feedback Corporation (Appellants, collectively) accused Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC and a number of other Sony entities (Sony, collectively) of infringing ...

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Will The Old Music Industry Giants Be Exchanged For New Ones? from

CANNES, FRANCE--The red carpets were still there at the Midem, the world’s largest music fair, but they have become shorter. The industry shattered over the years by the decline in physical sales and fighting ...

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Awarding the Top US Innovators from

Do you know a scientist, engineer, or innovator who deserves the highest honors in the nation for their scientific or technological achievements? A nation-wide search is currently being conducted for the top innovators, engineers, and ...

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Dealertrack v. Huber: Unpatentable "computer aided" claims from

By Jason Rantanen Dealertrack v. Huber (Fed. Cir. 2012) Panel: Linn (author), Plager (concurring in part and dissenting in part), and Dyk The Federal Circuit's opinion in Dealertrack adds to the evolving law on ...

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Trademark Skullduggery: Lawsuit Challenges Publication Service from

Leason Ellis LLP, an intellectual property law firm located in White Plains, New York, recently filed a complaint against USA Trademark Enterprises, Inc. of Sarasota, Florida. The multi-count Complaint alleges that USA Trademark Enterprises has ...

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