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post image 10 Best Spoof Twitter Accounts of 2011 – trademark issues? from

Mashable has compiled a list of the 10 Best Spoof Twitter Accounts of 2011.  The list is interesting and entertaining. Do these spoof accounts create any trademark issues when the accounts parodied or mimicked are ...

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post image China Trademark Dispute with Apple: We Own the iPad Trademark from

Trademark lawyers are known to be zealous advocates for their owners marks.  But Apple’s lawyers will not quit by appealing the court ruling in China that rejected its ownership of the iPad trademark in ...

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post image IP Protect Expo: a chance to learn, a chance to chat from

Have you heard of the IP Protect Expo? No? Nor had the IPKat, until Ian Shircore told him all about it.  This event is coming up on 28 and 29 March 2012 in the Gallery ...

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post image Of bouncing cheques and incomplete applications – A case of ‘trademark’ incompetence? from

Lawyers complaining about the delays and hassles faced at the ‘Trademark Registry’ is commonplace. However in a recent role-reversal, the CGPDTM has put up two public notices complaining about the incompetence amongst lawyers who are ...

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post image Eye of Newt, Eye of Tiger: is this Gingrich's Macbeth Moment? from

Macbeth's bid for power was thwarted
by ambition, pride and a disregard
for the law.  Is Newt Gingrich about
to follow suit?
The animal kingdom has its musical dimension.  The song of the nightingale ...

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post image Sink or Schwim? The legal assault on USA Enterprises begins from

The IPKat has been a tireless fighter against the perpetrators of  intellectual property scams and the purveyors of parasitic, worthless quasi-official services and catalogues (see for example earlier posts here, here, here and here). He ...

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post image Breaking news: Specsavers v Asda goes to European Court of Justice from

Snowy never could decide whether
she needed glasses for reading Court
of Appeal decision ...
The Court of Appeal for England and Wales has just given judgment in Specsavers International Healthcare Ltd, Specsavers BV, Specsavers Optical ...

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USPTO Proposes Rules Changes for Implementing AIA Provisions -- Oath or Declaration Provisions from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last November, officials from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office indicated that ten notices of proposed rulemaking to implement various provisions of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act were being drafted and ...

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German appeals court upholds Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction -- but on different legal basis than Apple's design right from

This morning, the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (an appeals court) announced that it has upheld a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and has confirmed that the smaller Galaxy Tab 8.9 ...

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Exclusive Interivew: USPTO Deputy Director Theresa Rea from

Deputy Director Theresa Rae has now been at the USPTO for approximately 1 year, but seems as invigorated and full of energy as she did when I first met up with her.  She seems to ...

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EU launches full-blown investigation of Samsung's suspected abuse of FRAND-pledged patents -- Motorola must watch out from

The European Commission just announced that it has "opened a formal investigation to assess whether Samsung Electronics has abusively, and in contravention of a commitment it gave to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), used ...

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IP Monthly Roundup January 2012 from

Prioritized Examination The Patent Office and Congress has responded to the patent user community.  Many people were complaining that the examination process took too long.  It currently takes about 2 to 3 years before your ...

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Patent for the QR, Quick Response, Code from

Many see the QR (Quick Response) Codes on advertisements and so on but few realise that the concept was patented. Nippon Denso and Toyoda Chuo Kenkyusho KK of Japan applied for patents in 1994 for ...

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IPCom Wins by Waiver – Federal Circuit Temporarily Revitalizes IPCom Case Against HTC from

By Dennis Crouch HTC v. IPCom (Fed. Cir. 2012) IPCom is the German version of a "patent troll." Or, as Lord Justice Jacob wrote in Nokia v. IPCOM, EWCA Civ 6 (2011), "IPCom is a ...

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New PPH Between German and Chinese Patent Offices from

Back on October 10, 2011, the patent offices of China and Germany agreed to create a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program between them. This PPH program, which came into effect on January 23, 2012, is ...

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A Free Chinese Patent Search Site that’s Full of Suprises: from is a free Chinese patent search site, created by Wisdom buds Information Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, which managed to surprise me multiple times.   The site is only available in Chinese, so I’d ...

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ITC throws out Barnes & Noble's antitrust claims against Microsoft ahead of trial: no signs of wrongdoing from

Barnes & Noble's primary line of defense against Microsoft's allegations of patent infringement by the bookseller's Android-based devices has collapsed in its entirety. An Administrative Law Judge at the ITC today granted a ...

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Newt Gingrich Sued For Use Of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ from

By Daniel Davidson These past few years, musicians have made it no secret that they prefer that the Republican Party not use their music.  Last year I reported on a story that consisted of David...


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New Internet Domain Process Off To Smooth Start, ICANN Says from

The application period for the expansion of new generic top-level domains on the internet is going well after the first couple of weeks, but it is far too soon to put the armoury of intellectual ...

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HTC v. IPCom: not indefinite from

As to the result:

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia granted HTC Corporation and HTC America, Inc.’s (“HTC”) motion for summary judgment of invalidity of claims 1 and 18 of ...

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KRIPPELZ loses to Ford at CAFC from

The conclusion:

Because claim 2 of the ’903 patent is invalid, we need not reach the other issues put forward by the parties, i.e., the district court’s summary judgment of infringement and its ...

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Former PTO Deputy Sharon Barner Leaves Foley & Lardner from

Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CMI), announced today that Sharon R. Barner, formerly a top official in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and a leading intellectual property litigator, has joined the Company as Vice President ...

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